Strange UI 2018 - Links to overview and download

I just realised that I want something I cant have in this UI; Something I expected back when AoC first started thinking it’d have more features than AO would at the time because FC would be progressing forward…not backward.

Macro buttons.

Not the massively scriptable bot ■■■■ you’re all thinking, but simple /fondlemywilly and /aocshouldcrowdfundsomepatches sort of thing on my hot bar.

So, in the tradition of actual motivated people a la Bombata and MisterClean, can anyone whom peruse these a fora and delve deep in to the xml festiva, contribute anything positive regarding the possibility of hotbarable (not a real word, peasants) ‘thingies that make sexy moves and slap beaches’?

I’m referring to a one click option that’s hotkeyable to enable one to fart on someones face without needing to bring up a seperate window. This is possible in AO. Is it also possible in AoC?


is your friend

Read the xml files, learn how to edit them and LOCK them with Windows permissions, and then thank FC for breaking it when they helpfully implemented their ‘cloud’ storage mechanism. Which they should disable with a simple flag in their code because obviously they haven’t updated it to work with Windows Vista and beyond.

Right now.

For some odd reason this UI has stopped showing quests on the mini-map in the expansion isntances about 4 days ago. Re-installing the UI did nothing.

un-check the option to hide quests locations from the map/minimap, or the setting that only shows selected quest.

ooh good grief how did I turn that off lol…

I’m also using Strange UI. Seems to be the most robust and updated UI mod. IKOS 3.6 is barely anywhere to be found, but I did like the old FDS UI it used to be.

Anyone having issues with Global and NPH chat channels? Mine have recently become non-existant.

So I am hoping someone knows about UI’s enough to help me resolve an issue. I am using strange UI with the Naga bottom bars. I needed a little more room so I added a row to the right side. The problem I am running into is even though the keybind for the button is showing on the top row if I press the button it activates what is on the second row.

So it seems there is a config for the shortcuts some where but I cannot find it.

Necro, but using old thread instead of new.

How can I change text color in chat? Since I installed, global chat color is the same as on screen message etc. This means it is a tad confusing to overlook.

Can I change this somehow? If so where?

One of the first options when you install it is exactly that, where I use Mirage colours. I think it lets you choose between four options.

Oh, great, thanks! I’ll reinstall the ui and see if I prefer Mirage colors :slight_smile:

As above, thought it better to raise this thread then start a new one.
A couple of questions please if I may:

Is the version cited in the OP of this thread the most recent version of Strange UI?

Also, I have seen reference to an installer program for this, is that recommended and if so, could someone please post a link?

Many thanks

Is there an Update planned for Age of Conan Unconquered? The problem is that the unconquered rank is not displayed or selectable in the menu with the Strange UI.

try that one :


how do i run conan strangeui installer?
i have the zip file there is a xml file in it called

Can someone help me with this? Question about Strange UI - Debuffs Tracker

use the program called aoc ui installer.

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thats right, forgot about that, thanks!

hi I having issues with strange ui it dosen’t show treasure boxes, bosses and emote spots , i not seening and panorama’s or anything on my map how can fix this please

You most likely forgot this step in setting up Strange UI …

  • Go to your game directory Age Of Conan/data/gui/Aoc and run “aoc.exe” (© Foxcat) as administrator. You’ll get a popup saying “activated”