[Fixed] Please help me with Strange UI



I installed the AOC_UI_Installer_3.1.0 and the Strange UI 2-63.zip, All works fine, BUT there something I don’t like with this mod, there 2 red skulls above the head of every NPC, Players, Pets, Monsters etc…It’s very not aesthetic, the worst it’s when there are lots of players in front of me, with a lots of red skulls floating above their heads.

I would like to know if it’s possible to remove them without hiding the names in the settings ?

If it’s possible, how please ? which xml to modify ?

(sorry new member can’t upload picture)

EDIT : OK I found a fix, I just simply replaced my Customized/Views/OverheadText.xml with Default/Views/OverheadText.xml and voilà ! I keep the customized UI and no more annoying red skulls !


That’s a bad fix :frowning: : the game doesn’t need a copy of default files in the custom ui, if it does not find a custom it will use the default one !
Instead, just use this (the download button is in the top right corner) :
It has a fixed overhead thing, the correct options in the menu and functioning vanity options (helmets, cloaks and weapons) as well.


Ok ! Thanks for the link :wink: