(2023+) STRANGE UI + AOC UI Installer + others ui & 4k

Hey !

(edit: topik title edited,…)

this is just Strange UI from 2019… just changed font size for 1440p.

credits goes to STRANGE UI developper & updaters, not me.


Install it using AOC UI INSTALLER. (included)

hope it helps some people !


EDIT: added simple “_Easy Best UI - RECOMMENDED” folder. BEST EASY ONE CUSTOMIZABLE !!

edit: (2023+) → BE KIND and LOVELY. Here’s INSTALL tutorial :slight_smile:


EDIT: 2024 UI SETUP GUIDE > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FvnLqRoyHcI (+ youtube subtitles),

remember that for old UI’s you need to update XML files by clicking UPDATE UI XML at bottom of AOC UI INSTALLER… but always use StrangeUI RECOMMENDED, it’s better.


/!\ IMPORTANT NOTE /!\ IF YOU USE STRANGEUI KEAIRA’s nude main menu, you risk BAN OF TWITCH like i just got … SO TAKE CARE !!! SEE THIS TOPIK :


added some olders UI like Mirage, Stonerune, there is also an old “Strange ui 4K” i found here but it lacks some STRANGE UI 2019 options, but its maybe good for 4K… try if u want,

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Thanks for your work. And, of course, the developer and all the updaters.

Are they all - or at least ‘Strange UI’ - compatible with the current features of the game? Meaning things like the ‘bagdes’ features, etc.

Also, does it have the feature of hiding the second hand weapon, like ‘DefaultUIEnhanced’? It was my favorite custom UI, but since they come up with the ‘badges’ and other current features which it didn’t support, I had to let it go.

Never found the ‘hiding second hand’ feature again, and Funcom doesn’t put it in the game, no matter how much I beg. :slight_smile:

You could compare the files by hand in notepad++ and manually add the missing lines to your current UI. That is how I fixed my current custom 4K Strange UI to accommodate for onslaught options etc.

And on this note, I’m going to steal the “hide power weapon” line and add it to my UI :slight_smile:

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Thanks For the reply Biglouis. I’ll probably do as you suggested. I already tried once playing with the XML file. Didn’t have much luck then, but maybe I’ll try it again.

i just tried to install the zip with UI INSTALLER AOC… it not install the font.xml i modified :slight_smile:
u got to move the


to your


and replace it,

(talkin to myself qs a note pad lol)

TRIED to find a solution for

-login chars little text
-skills tree little system text,
-advnced avancement (AA) tooltip little system text,

as for raid finder text system, etc… etc…

if after installing their ui u still have little text in 1440P+…

copy just the fonts.xml,

dont forget AOC.EXE IN ADMIN… ETC…




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@Saranka i had an issue last year with a 2018-LIKE STRANGE UI, as casual, there were pvp badges on npc, but took the best STRANGE UI i could, and some players have badges shown in their names but dunno if its a feature, as im just a noob that try to put text bigger for 1440p and who likes to help.

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And help you did. Thanks, DragonlordXIII.

On the 1440p fonts are way too big imo. Also for some reason yorgomir map doesnt work anymore.

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Yorgomir seems workin here, tested kara korum & khitai doors, seems all shown.

fonts looks ok for me as for merchants & their specs,

if i have time later i will make lesser big fonts a bit for you, if i not forget lol :wink:

for skills tree & AA skills i dunno how to change system description font, too many files… if one wants to help…

Yorgomir works here (big )map,

made fonts less bigger,

minimap is little but better to use map !

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i use not 2/3 4K… I use strange ui latest ,

Hey bud, Im still looking for the hide power weapon line that strange ui used to have; can you post that line of code for me?

That is not coming back. It used the vanity weapons ability before they were actually implemented by Funcom. And they didn’t allow to hide weapons like you can hide an armor piece.

thanks cap

Yea, it’s still possible to bug it but not sure how it works. Happened to my tos recently.

Version for 1920x1080 is somewhere too? :slight_smile:

strange ui 2019 latest at root folder :wink:

its the recommended one, others highest rez have little text in skills/AA…

strange ui 2019 latest at root folder is best FullHD & common UI.

the 2/3k , 4k is only if u are LVL 80 / PVP 10 full AA, like u dont care reading texts…