FireUI - UI Mod

Just got bullied into playing AoC again (LOL) after ages and thought I’d copy over the FireUI info from the old forums that I posted, and I always enjoyed. It still works fine, from what I’ve played with it.

NOTE: This is not my mod. Credit goes to becomm over on Deviant Art. His page is till there although he doesn’t update this any more - although as noted it appears to work fine.

Current Version: 0.8

Download: Can’t post link (AMAZING! WTF). Just google “FireUI Becomm Age of Conan” and it’ll pop up.


  • New inventory option: split or unified panels
  • Added a new inventory option (XXS=12*15)
  • Fixed bank window (additional slots)
  • Fixed feat window (compliant with the new multi-spec system)


  • Fixed several layout bugs introduced with the latest game’s patch
  • Added several option for the inventory slots size (and subsequently the number of slots displayed): 4 versions available for now (L: 77, M: 99, S: 1010, XS: 1211)
  • Added a new menu layout (shared with StrangeUI)


  • AOC UI installer is required. (Can’t link this either - just have to google it)

When using AOC UI installer, you can choose between many options including your portrait icon, CSI, mouse pointers, bottombar layout, etc…

When you have chosen your options, close the ‘option’ window and click ‘install’.

I also have the files if the download links go down. Let me know.

qny 2k\4k version?