Age of Conan steam installation


I had AoC installed on my PC but i wanted to deinstall Strange UI and broke some files. I found a solution but now I ask myself what is better. Steam installation which would take 1 hour or the installation from the Funcom servers which would take over 7 hours (no idea why this difference)

I installed the game with steam but for some reason I get the error message every time I run AOC UI installer that ui installer can not access to the Customized file…Access denied.

Is this because i installed this via steam ? I never had such problems in the past but to be honest I cant remember much. Last time I played the game was 5 years ago…


I never had that with Steam, my installation from there is terrible slow, one hour would be a dream. I would suggest if you haven’t completely remove all Conan files, then try a re-install. Good luck!

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This is what I am doing right now :frowning: 7 hours waiting… well. See you tomorrow ingame


Downloading from Steam is a lot better than all from the patcher, and it’s not the reason for your problem. If you deleted something you shouldn’t have, just verify steam cache files and/or repair broken data in the patcher, then try again.

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Too late. I am already at 50% in the Funcom patcher :frowning:


Can anyone help me with this ?

I installed Age of Conan new, wanted to install the Strange Ui and thuis error message I get when I click on install.

Its in german but it means that acces denied to the path C:…\customized

Why ? I did not change anything, have no antivirus or whatever which could block that.



Guys, all good. I am online. Thx for the support.


Glad it’s sorted. Welcome :grinning:

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