Slow download HELP

Hi, thanks for reading this, I wanted to make an inquiry and know if you could help me, I want to download Age of Conan, but the download is too slow, downloading at 28 kb / s something, which is very rare since I have 50Mb of speed Internet, would there be any way to solve this? because if I don’t download it, it would take 3 days to download and that time seems like an exaggeration

I don’t know if you’re using Steam or not, but that takes about 2.5 days for me, thankfully I have not had to download it lately. My isp is slow anyway. If not, I understand it takes a long time as well direct from funcom. Either way, it historically seems to be long.

If on Steam, turn off throttle downloads and chose mirror that is reasonable close, it helps a little.

Good luck and hope you enjoy the game when you get to it.

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I’m currently using the same game’s launcher, but I could try using steam thanks.

Dunno. With fiber and good provider i have downloaded the client in few hours

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