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Hello, while the servers are down I’m trying to introduce Age of Conan to a friend, but I can’t even access the download servers for the client, is there any way to go around that, so the game is ready until the servers open again? Before we all get too drunk…

The servers are down right now, I don’t think there is a way around it. I have tried downloading updates during downtimes too and it never worked so I guess you wont be able to download the game in any way.

I know, but I’m trying to download the basics for the game as my friend starts for the first time

You can try downloading the client through steam but you wont be able to update it til the servers go online

The Patcher you are using is probably accessing the servers where all the other stuff is too, so you can’t get access to the files you need to play the game, even if they are the very basic files.
As jeetz said you could try Steam but as far as I know Steam itself does not host the files either, they just provide the Patcher and the Patcher will access the original AoC servers again.

I do believe steam hosts a basic build of the game on their servers but you need to run the updater once its installed. I could be wrong but I do believe that’s the case.

We apologize for this inconvenience. The servers are down temporarily. You should be able to download the game client as soon as we have them back up. Thank you for your patience.

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