Download has taken all weekend :(

Started downloading on Friday for the xbox one free demo weekend. It is now Sunday and 40 minutes until free weekend trial is up and the installation is currently at 82%. Was pretty sure it’s a game I’d enjoy and buy, but now I’m kinda bummed. Don’t know if I want to purchase.
Is this typical for funcom servers?? My internet speed is fine for everything else, but Conan downloaded mostly at 1mb/s and lower. Really disappointed.

Well, the download is over 50GB. At 1Mbps, it’s gonna take a long time. Do you have data limits or something like that? You may be over the limit this month. I don’t play online so don’t know what the servers are like.

I’ve probably got the worst connection speeds of anybody I know (satellite @ 12Mbps). It took me about 20 hours to get the last update downloaded. What sucks though is I went out and bought a disk for CE a couple months ago and still had to download the entire game… twice. Once the day of initial installation, and again with this last update. Thankfully FC has changed something now so we don’t have to download these massive updates any more.

I don’t know how Xbox downloads work, but aren’t the files hosted by Microsoft, rather than the software publisher (Funcom, in this case)? And if so, the problem is either with Microsoft or your internet connection.

I thought that was (part of) the point of the certification procedure that every game/update has to go through. If the downloads are hosted by the publisher, then I fail to see what certification is supposed to do.

Sorry it took such a long time for you to download. That should not be the case.
We do indeed not have any influence over download speed whatsoever. It could be a result of internet connection, throttling from your ISP for one reason or another and the load/amount of players trying to download the game. The only thing we do have direct influence over is how big a download is and we generally try to keep it as small as possible :slight_smile:

Pretty sure my internet connection was fine - I tested it to be sure. Everything was at a good speed except Conan’s download. I suspected it was the amount of players trying to download the game because at 20 minutes to midnight the download speed picked up. But, yeah, maybe my ISP was throttling it too. Still frustrated. Still disappointed.
Thanks for replying anyway.

I have satellite too so I’m used to the 15mb/s. I’m not over my monthly limit - I rarely download anything!! I have no idea why my download speed for this game was so slow. Speed tests showed over 10mb/s…

Well most downloads through Xbox, PS4 or Steam go through the respective companies servers. Publishers, Developers non of them has any power on the download speed of their games on respective platforms. Sometimes if those servers gets hammered speeds will drop, god knows during a hyped release day on steam or PS4 (Don’t have an xbox) the servers drop to a crawl.

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