PC Gamepass downloading Conan right now, anymore experiencing very slow download speed?

I am downloading the PC Gamepass version of Conan right now, the first 42Gb data out of a total of 83GB downloaded really quick, but at around the 42GB the download speed suddenly went down to like 1Mb to 5Mb per second. I cancelled the download and re-downloaded again and it was the same behavior.

My friends also seem to have the same issues ( they are in canada, i am in usa ). Wondering if anyone is experiencing this sudden downloading speed drop on the PC Gamepass version of Conan as well?

I tried installing it directly from the MS and 74% in and my speed hasn’t come down at any point, seems like something is wrong with the xbox app

thank you so much for your input, ok yeah definitely sounds like it differentiates between users. Thanks again for your input!

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