Is there a good current custom UI?

Hello, I am returning player. I would love to have a custom UI with double stacked hot bars. I tried to research but seems a lot of them have problems currently. Could you link a download to one if there is one that works good currently.

Thank you

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what do you mean by “a lot of them have problems currently” ? most UIs from even 10 years ago should work, but more recent ui feats will just be missing.

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Just give him your updated strange ui ,cappa <3 :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, strange ui is what I currently use. Good stuff.

Hi, @Tregen

I don’t know if you’ve already found what you need or if you’ve seen it before, but on this post (Some Nice / Usefull Website)(“Some UI” in English-website) there is a website with some UI > Link to a Gdrive for DL them

Hoping that you can find your happiness there. (Or just stalk Cappa :D)

Hi Tregen!!

The one that fits perfectly for me (after a few hours of personalización) is IKOS UI. Latest version I believe It was like 2.6.3 or something like that.

If you search for IKOS UI Age of Conan in Internet inmediatly pops Up on AoC forums Ppl Who shares It, resolution of possible problems, where to get UI installer etc…

I Will never tell anybody to use anyome different from original one, I’m just pointing out that IKOS is the one that fits the BEST for me.