Are there any good UIs?

Hey there,

My Subscription ended in 2013, so i was a while away.
I plan to reactivate for upcoming saga server.

So my question is? are there any good UIs with a whole lot of space for skills?
back then i used a modded mirage ui, it looked exactly like in my vid: … no links allowed -.- (just go to youtube and add: watch?v=BIIqiKsvZeE)

someone knows something similar?

thanks guys,

I use strange, its pretty good. Most of the old ui makers have teamed up to maintain strange ui together i think. :wink:

i will check that out, thank you

I see you modified mirage to move the hotbars over to the side, with a slightly broken layout :grin:

I actually still use Mirage UI, modified personally over the years to remain compatible.

the layout broke with RotGs, i think it had something to do with the AA Switch thingy…

Yep, I remember having to fix that. There have been a few other changes needed over the years too.

Ikos UI is my favorite I can link if wanted

imo strange ui is best now. used stonerune a few years but after funcom fixed ui settings save, I tried strange and never looked back

p.s. don`t forget to install custom map markers if you will try strange 8)

I use the latest StrangeUI for 2018 :slight_smile:

Strange UI is the best UI by far, can change so much the way u want it.