Some Nice / Usefull Website

Hi all, don’t know if there is a post like this.

But ATM there is a lot’s of Fan website about our game with Tips, Strat, Vid …Etc.

And i want to list them all on this post ! I will made something like : Name : Link : Why i use this site

To stay update, please feelfree to help me to adds news site/forum for all (On repply and i’ll add it) ( Thanks to French & German ppl to help me on this too :smile: )

English web-site :

French Web-site

German Web-site

Other - Youtube Chanel

Thanks to all those ppl wo made those website / blog, to keep alive the game we love !

Stay safe, Stay in Hyboria !

Added YT chanel section


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Corrected, Sry u_u may Cyanara sound nice :smiley: u_u - community built and driven pvp content.


Hello, about “Francophonia” (actually it’s “Francophonie” :smiley:). May u can add the update of Yorgomir’s map, i tried to keep the english language for those :slight_smile: !!

Those update are about Tarantia halloween event, Kuthchemes and the last Skull Gate.

BTW, thank you for adding La Francophonie as “nice / Usefull Website” :smiley::smiley:

Hi Barjabulle,

Made some change on “francophonie” link, thanks for this info !