Some Nice / Usefull Website

Hi all, don’t know if there is a post like this.

But ATM there is a lot’s of Fan website about our game with Tips, Strat, Vid …Etc.

And i want to list them all on this post ! I will made something like : Name : Link : Why i use this site

To stay update, please feelfree to help me to adds news site/forum for all (On repply and i’ll add it) ( Thanks to French & German ppl to help me on this too :smile: )

English web-site :

  • Joharaoc : Joharaoc website/ ( Feat, Achivement, T5 rune & way more)
  • Aocisbetterthantv : Aoc way more better than TV(Armory, Ui, Forum, cool map from Onyx …)
  • Cynara : Cynara Blog (Stuff, Strat, Vanity, Stat …)
  • Henryx : Henryx blog/ (Stuff, Strat, Vanity, Stat …)
  • Sealladh : Sealladh Recipe location (Some Recipe location & old stuff)
  • AoC-Fandom : Fandom (Some oldstuff & craft info)
  • Infyrna : Infyrma Decoration (Screenshot of all City Decoration)
  • Recipe : Recipe (a GoogleSheet, with a lot’s of cool thing for crafter)
  • Funcom : Old Forum (Still usefull)
  • FC-Forum : Post about Strange UI in Funcom-Forum (May intresting for Strange UI users)
  • Lenely’s : Lenely’s Blog (Found some script & other little thing)
  • Funcom-Forum : Sunstar List (Topic on forum with listing of usefull topics & some site / blog)
  • Pvplvlup : Aoclvlup (community built and driven pvp content for Fury)
  • Assassin Hideout : Assassin’s Hideout (Not update, but still lot’s of cool revue, post on all thing)
  • Dougsblug : Dougsblug Site with template for all class (WIP)
  • Update Waypoint : Update Yorgmir From the french site but in English - Update of some waypoint for Strange UI users (Kutch - SGP - Halloween)
  • Some UI : Lot’s of UI Same as upper link on page, found lot’s of UI (around 6 - just click on the link and you get a drive with UI & UI manager)
  • Bebot : Bebot BeBot is a usefull guild and raid management system for Ao & AoC
  • Requiem Nex combat Monitor : RN CM Usefull parser for AOC, (game in english only)

French Web-site

German Web-site

Other - Youtube Chanel

Other - Twitch Chanel

Other - Artworks & Thing from AOC

  • Artsworks : Arts from Game (Lot’s of Arts - Concept Art from AOC (weapon, character, Dungeon …Etc, usefull for adds to site/blog/forum)
  • All BO from Game : Emmanuel Aquin YT BO (All the music from the game - links from one playlist there is another just for all Kithai music/ambiance …Etc)
  • Facebook Group : The Great AoC unchained FB group (A FB group with more than 5k member, lot’s of intresting thing pass on dat group)

Thanks to all those ppl wo made those website / blog, to keep alive the game we love !

Stay safe, Stay in Hyboria !

Added YT chanel section
Add new link : Dougsbulg - Waypoint Update - UI List & DLL -
Remove : DoomDealer Link Not working anymore
Added Twitch / Streamer section
Added Arts section
Added new YT channel
Added some new YT channel
Added Archive for old links for memory :cry:
Added the AOC-UC FB group

Archive : don’t work anymore :

  • Vanity Armor (seems offline @11/19/23) : Guilding Vanity Website with all GP Vanity set for both gender
  • Age of Conan Petiton : AoC petition – Closed –

Corrected, Sry u_u may Cyanara sound nice :smiley: u_u - community built and driven pvp content.


Hello, about “Francophonia” (actually it’s “Francophonie” :smiley:). May u can add the update of Yorgomir’s map, i tried to keep the english language for those :slight_smile: !!

Those update are about Tarantia halloween event, Kuthchemes and the last Skull Gate.

BTW, thank you for adding La Francophonie as “nice / Usefull Website” :smiley::smiley:

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Hi Barjabulle,

Made some change on “francophonie” link, thanks for this info !

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  • Adds a new site with template for all class : Thanks to the “Nigthwolves man” wo give me this site ! >>> Dougsblug website in English list
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Doomdealer site seems borked atm. I get an “Error displaying the error page: Application Instantiation Error” everytime my browser loads the Doomdealer site. Anyone else have this problem?

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Just try ATM, and got the same error :frowning: works fine last week.
hope site recome live soon
I’ll wait around 1-2 week to see if site re work > If not sadly i delet him from list.


@ObsidianTyrant : Sadly i delet DoomDealer links still not working :’( (21/12)

If someone have some DB of DoomDealer content i’m intresting, i search on internet archive but nothing revelant


Sorry to see that site go. Thanks for the update @battosaigirl !


Added a Twitch - Stream section with some i used to know.

If ppl know good/cool streamer of AOC :slight_smile: ! i’ll add them, i know youger ppl like stream :smiley:

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Added a new section with “less usefull” thing but still nice for ppl who creat Site / blog / Video …Etc

You can find all the BO & Music from game & a site with a lot’s a very nice Concept Arts / Artwork from Funcom (Weapon design - Character - Map - Dungeon …and lot’s of other thing)

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Nice topic,

I can’t send you a message so say on repply to post what i found :

  • Eldergamer G & Mana Pot (from VSS) on YT with nice AoC Vid :slight_smile: ! If you can add them on your post :slight_smile:

Thx !

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Hi Pict !

Thanks for the information, I’m adding them today / tomorrow :slight_smile:

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Add some new Twitch & YT channel & other thing

  • Still miss some Site/blog/channel for German / Russian / Spanish ppl :slight_smile: feel free to help !


Thanks for the update !!

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Give me someone for AO…I am pulling my hair out!

hmmmm ?!?