Greetings everyone: Introduction Thread!

Welcome to the new forums! Feel free to use this thread to test out your comments and get a feel for how it works. Introduce yourself! What’s your favorite class? Are you a returning or new player? Have you tried out the Saga Server? What really is Conan’s age??

Let us know also how you like these forums or if you feel something should be changed or added.


Hello World!

looks nice here, a good place to be :wink:


I hope there is a light theme so I don’t have to read light text on dark backgrounds. This isn’t easy on the eyes.


So is there any new content with Zath? Or just a fresh server with no claims?

Hit f12, place this in the console line:

$(".post-stream").css(“background-color”, “white”).css(“color”,“black”);

hit enter, change accordingly…

Not really ideal to need to edit the page myself all the time. And yeah, I know there are tools and extensions that can be used to make permanent changes to certain sites, I just don’t want to go through the effort of styling these forums myself. :slight_smile:

I looked and there are no alternative themes implemented for the forums.

heyo, this forum looks better then the old one


It might grow on me, but I still like the old forum design better. Also interesting to note, I’m pretty sure your post appeared automatically without me having to refresh the page. That is a nice feature.

indeed, happened the same with you

Hey everybody!! Welcome to the new forums!!! :slight_smile:


Hi. Where can I access the old forum? Old posts, information? And how long will you keep the old forum running so we can safe important posts?

In this Thread was writen

we’ll keep these old forums open until February 14th. They will be locked and archived after this date, but available to visit and look through if you wish. We’ve moved important information over to the new forums already, but if you believe there is anything missing or threads you want moved over to the new forums that should be added, please let us know!

So i think that would be far beyound Feb.14th

Ok thank you - but my question was: where can I access the old forum? It is no longer linked on the homepage.

Here you go :wink:

Ok, so there is no easy way to access it, I have to come here and follow that link.

Next questions:
Where are the german and the french forums?
Where is “any” important information that was moved over? You do not really expect us to copy all the important threads and posts for newbies, the tracking threads etc. over, AGAIN??? Do you???

Nope, we can move stuff over as needed. We’re open to all specific examples of posts/guides you’d like to see copied over from the vBulletin forums.

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You can always bookmark the old forums in your browser. Or type the link out yourself.

This is the link to the root of old forums which contains the other languages:

The only “Important Information” I’ve seen here is stuff like community guidelines, the FAQ ( or the other FAQ (

As for what we the players might actually find usefull, yeah, either we:

  • create new threads with copied info
  • ask @andyb or someone to copy it for us
  • create new threads just linking to the old archived ones

At least this time the old forums will stay viewable and won’t just be deleted.


I also really don’t like how hyperlinked text appears as plain text. It doesn’t get underlined or coloration or anything.

Edit 2:
Looking at Melcom’s post up above, he had one link that actually appears blue. In another post his link looks like plain text. Not sure what is up with that.

This also let me to notice we can’t properly quote a person’s post in such a way as to preserve links or to view their code.

Snazzy duds, look at you getting all modern on us :wink:

CROM is only dead atm BECAUSE of Saga. If you want peeps to play with consistently, go Saga. It’s packed like launch times.

Need to be able to quote someone. Since I can’t I’ll second Plankhi this way; we need to be able to change the color, this set up is hard on the eys.

It’s all nice you’ve modernized, but the old forums had the whole ‘Conan’ vibe going for it with the colors, font and layout.