Introduce yourself! Test out the new threads!


Hey there! Glad to see you here. :slight_smile: These forums are brand new to many of you so this thread is here for you to test out your comments/posts with. Feel free to talk about yourself or the game or formatting and all that jazz. There’s a lot to discover so talk a look around and feel free to start making your own thread!

I’m Nicole, you’ve seen me here and there. :smiley:


Oh hi there! I didn’t hear you come in.
Now that you’re here I may as well introduce myself, I am Joshtech aka CoOkIeMoNsTeR and I am the developer of Pippi.

I enjoy long walks on the beach ( but not too long as the sand irritates my soft tender heals ), counting how many green skittles there are in a pack, walking my pet rock and making trees fly!

Some of you may already know me and for that I am sorry. But for those of you that don’t, once this cat is out of the bag… well… there is no more cat, but you still have a bag!

Till next time,
Joshtech out!


Hi! I’m koros, aka Koros and I’m a member of the Pippi Team!

Pippi is apparently a mod for Conan Textiles which is some kinda barbarian fabric simulator for the ColecoVision or something? I dunno. In all honesty, I thought I was joining the Pippi Longstocking Fanclub Discord but as I tried to make a graceful exit, things kinda spiraled out of control and now I find myself part of the Team. The other Team members are such delicate flowers that I don’t have the heart to tell them.

So, if you have any questions or need help with Pippi, I’m here to tell you to ask ContrastX 'cause he’s super helpful (if a bit grumpy)! Just type your questions slowly…


Hi, I’m Jens Erik, I’m the community manager on Conan Exiles.

I’ve been with Funcom for about a year and a half now and I’m the guy you usually talk to over social media, on Reddit, on Steam, or other places!


Hi I’m rabbit. This is 15 characters.


Hi I am a Pippi user and server admin. Thanks for setting up the forums. I have streams for Conan Exiles setup on Twitch and host the !Conan Battlegrounds…server with the Pippi Mod for our community of players.


Hi, it’s me. Fun times on the forums.


Yay we did it! Hello everyone! :slight_smile:


Hello group , just passing by and checking the shiny new forum.


Test test, 1 2 1 2, :smiley:
We need to post here to get rights to post anywhere else on the forum?


Nah, not needed. :slight_smile: Just for you to test it out or whatever!


There are some restrictions for new users within the first 24 hours of registering, but after that you should be mostly fine. There are multiple different “Trust Levels” which grant more freedoms as you continue spending time and engaging with folks on the forums.


Hey there Exiles!! :smiley: All aboard the Hype train!!


Hi everybody, Barnes here. I’m a professional gamer, journalist, IT specialist and technologist. Conan Exiles brought me to the world of PC gaming after a 12-year run in solely console play. I will be playing Conan Exiles on the PC and PS4. Hope you’re enjoying the game, I sure am!


Hello here ! :smiley: Yojimbe on duty !
i’m a Conan exiles fan, i’ve started the game the 1st week, i played a lot (too much xd)
i like roleplaying and building immersive stuff
As a fan of Conan and Artist irl, i’ve started few weeks ago to do Fanart about the game

I love all the creativity of people around this game, staff, dev, fan, modders, players etc

Cya ! :smiley:


Hi there !
Conan fan, Roleplay lover ! Hope to see some great discussions about that there ! :slight_smile:
HF !


Hi there i’m a New Zealander been playing since launch just past 3000 hours in game. playing as an Admn on the smith & forge server in US. i specialize in building admin raid base’s for the server & defending it against the exploiters. :slight_smile:


Oh man I love your work dude. Please keep it up.


Andyyyyy thank you so much ! i’m on it ! :smiley:
(i love your avatar haha)


I’m known as Digital Daydream. I usually go by Digital. I have played alot of games over the years. Recently its been more difficult to find a game that keeps me around. Lack of good Admins, lack of content or just a games development seeming more like a money grab. I think Conan has some potential if set up right and if the issues of hacking are resolved. I am a social type person, I enjoy meeting new people and gaming with active healthy minded gamers. I banter alot and love a bit of healthy conflict and PvP. I am always on the watch for good communities and groups :slight_smile:

My steam ID = DigitalDaydream