[Mod] Pippi - User & Server Management

It's wonderful timing that we start this post on Pippi's first birthday. Joshtech, aka CoOkIeMoNsTeR, released what has become an essential mod for many admins and players alike a year ago today.



The following are links to make it easier to discover Pippi for the first time or keep up with development if you already use the mod.

The most important step is subscribing. For those unfamiliar with mods, you must do this for any mod used on any server. The link below will take you to Steam.

We encourage players and admins to join us on Discord. It is the best way to have questions answered, keep up with development, and join the ever growing Pippster community.

If you’d like to see Pippi in action, check out the dev stream. Joshtech and the Team alongside the Master Builders worked together to offer a peek at Pippi, the Admin Tools, and how they can be used to enhance gameplay.


The Admin at the dedicated “Tas Tyranica” server uses only Pippi mod and it is INCREDIBLE. Every aspect, from the Thespian (placeable thrall) system; to the Currency payout system; to the Kits (customized loot) and Character Customization is excellent. Can’t praise Pippi mod enough. These guys know what they’re doing.


Shadoza, Pippi’s Workshop page is linked in this thread’s second post. Once you are there, click on the green Subscribe button. Steam should automatically start the download. If it does not, log out of Steam then back in.
To see any mod you’ve downloaded go to your Program Files(x86) > Steam > steamapps > workshop > content > 440900

I would highly recommend joining us on Discord if you have any further questions about Pippi. The link is also provided above or on Pippi’s Workshop page.

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What a great mod indeed! And better late than never: congrats to 1 year of pippilicious adventures!

@Shadoza And do make sure you join their Discord, all mighty nice and crazy sheeple there :heart_eyes_cat:!

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Nope. There is more typing than chatting. You can talk if you prefer. It is just not set up like a normal forum and can take some getting used to. I love using it now.

The text chat is actually more prominent than the voice chat in Discord; it’s very polished with lots of nice features. I think that’s what draws a lot of people to it.

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Pippi discord is a silly place.


You provoke the silly, @Scooper!


Pippi is so amazing…I go in options of other games i play looking for it. It’s made my server “Purge of Exiles” a serious Total Conversion!

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SWEET! I wish these were linked on the steam workshop page for pippi, I have been looking for something like these for over a month now. Great Mod, Great Game… so far… don’t muck it up Funcom, I still remember when AoC came out. (shudders)

Momo, welcome to Pippi :wink:

The Discord channel and the manual have been on Pippi’s Workshop for a long time now. We do enourage players to join Discord. It is the best way to get help if there are any questions with the mod. Also, if you need a walkthrough of Pippi’s features in-game, let me know privately or through Discord so that we can set up a time.
Other than that, welcome again.

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One of Pippi’s commands allows for in-game character customization without the need to recreate.

Admins can access the Character Editor from the Pippi Admin Panel and the /cutomise[/cutomize]
command in chat. They may set the Character Editor’s availability for players through cost, time, rank, or make it freely available.

Players who are given access to the command, type /customize or /customise (both variations work) in the chat window to open the Character Editor. All changes take effect once Apply is clicked.

Admins can also disable vanilla ranges to alter online characters; this can be used creatively.

For example: Admins who do not want players to change the look of their character for immersion’s sake can still offer alterations to hairstyles, facial hair, or make-up. An admin could take on the role of a stylist or barber then adjust the individual’s look through the Admin Panel.
If the server’s storyline has a race of smaller people, admins can uncheck the vanilla settings and adjust the height of player-characters to accommodate.


Happy birthday :slight_smile:

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@Fia We from “Tal der Toten” love your work and your mod. Especially the Chatsystem is a must have for a RP-Server.

Is there a way to see what u guys are working on right now or things that are going to come like a roadmap & is there a way to donate something to your work ? :imp:

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Thank you for your enthusiasm for Pippi. I share your thoughts on the chat system.

To be clear, Pippi is the creation of Joshtech aka CoOkIeMoNsTeR. I am part of the Pippi Team. The Team will visit servers to help admins set up Pippi, do walkthroughs of the admin panel, answer questions, and many behind the scenes activities that Josh does not have extra time for as he develops more features for Pippi.

All of the information you need can be found in the links at the top of this thread.
See my second post on March 9th. :grinning:

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I am here to say Thank You and that Exiled life without my Pippi would be unbearable. I love my Pippi!!
Not only does my Pippi look Sexy as Crom’s Tighty Wighties but my Pippi has GREAT functionality!
My Pippi adds game for our Guests on our Server by making Quality of life increases WITHOUT changing the intended play of the game BUT most importantly my Pippi can be extremely gratifying to Adimns by making Admin features a joy to access with a very well endowed, easy to love, user interface.
If you are not all over my Pippi then you are missing out!
Love this Mod! Keep up the AWESOME work!


Hey Bear. I agree - PIPPI mod is a game-enjoyment changer. Since you seem to be well versed in using the mod, I’d be grateful for any suggestions/tips on using the Spawn-Point placeable? Our server (Ragnar’s Realm - UK - PvE) has a lot of high level players so the Admins (me) add some more creature challenges here and there to spice things up. My issue is, and likely due to lack of knowledge, I cannot place multiple spawn-points and that any placed, don’t survive the daily server restart. Also, there are only South creatures spawnable.
You find solutions for this or use at all?

Hi Northryder!
So far all of the questions I have had about the use of Pippi have been answered in The User Manual or in The Steam Mod Discussion Section. Another resource that may be even better for you would be to simply ask in The Pippi Discord.
As for the issues that you are having I am not experiencing the same problems. The placeable spawns I use have remained after the daily Server restart. The manual may help if it is just a simple problem in settings. As far as the newer creatures not being avalible, just remember that this is still a wonderful work in progress!


To echo Bear, the best place to post bugs and get a faster response in most cases is on Pippi’s official Discord. The next best place in on Pippi’s Workshop page on Steam. Both were linked again by Bear in his post just above mine. (p.s. Thank you, Bear.)
Joshtech aka CoOkIeMoNsTeR, the Pippi Team, and many experienced admins and players stay active on Discord and are willing to answer questions or offer advise.

I want to be sure I am understanding your issue:

Is it that Portals, those found in the Cheats(Self) Tab, are not staying through a server restart?
If this is the case, try placing the Portal in contact with the ground or a building piece. It might take some trial and error but please let us know if this does or does not work on Discord or Pippi’s Workshop page.

Or is it that SpawnPoint overrides, those set in the Warps tab, are not working for you?
If you are trying to create new starting spawnpoint on the Warps tab, there are two boxes that will need to be checked; one to activate the overall override (1. in image below) and then two for the admin created warp location (2. in image below) that players will spawn for any newly created character or upon death without having a bed or bedroll placed. There can be multiple admin created spawn points as well.


There are only the early creatures available to spawn from both Pippi’s NPC Spawn tab and the Vanilla one on the Cheats(Self) tab. However, if you place down an NPC Spawner and chose the humanoid option, there are far more NPCs and creatures to choose from there.


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