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About the Server

I created this server because I don’t have a crazy amount of time to play like I used to and I wanted a server where I could set the settings and find like minded people to play with. I am new to Conan but not running survival servers as I have previously run Ark and 7 Days 2 Die Servers. I promise this isn’t a fly by night operation.

I’m generally not in favour of wipes, but I can be persuaded if that is what the user base wants.

This is a new server and I hope we can make it a successful one together!

10x Harvest

Increased XP

Shorter Nights

Lower Encumbrance (Carry More!)

Faster Crafting (and Thrall Conversion)

Pippi Mod! – See Pippi Section

Mod List

Shaved and Oiled

Pippi - User & Server Management

Breast Physics


Immersive NPC Loot System


Litman Stack and Container Size

Litman Weight

Suggestions Welcome!

Pippi Mod

This Mod is Amazing! With this mod we will be creating an in game economy in which every player will be paid a salary with in game currency and they can participate in a vibrant economy. You will be able to EARN money and PURCHASE craftable items rather than craft them if you wish. You will be able to mine currency, use it to trade with other players or purchase goods from the Server.

There will also be Kits available to remove some of the more grindy aspects of the game. What will be in these kits will be subject to change as we don’t want to hurt the experience by making too much free. At the moment there are two kits: Starter Kits and Thrall Kit which gives you Gruel for your Thrall.

Kits can be purchased (so far only free ones available) with /kits.

Beyond that SERVER EVENTS will be created using this mod.
Wanna Be a Gladiator?

The Gladiator Arena is Under Construction at this time, but soon we will be having games to celebrate this server with great prizes to the victor!


I am open to making changes, including setting raiding times.

For now there are no rules, but that will obviously change.
Connection Info


This is a 10 slot server, but it will be upgraded as demand requires!