[PC Server] Supreme Exiles 5/12 | PvE-Conflict | PIPPI MOD | 1.5 Gather | Dedicated Hardware

Supreme Exiles is run by the same awesome crew that brought you SupremeArk!
We run on top-of-the-line dedicated hardware, so there’s room for you and your entire clan!

  • Join our DISCORD to keep up with the latest information and connect with a gaming community more than 500 strong.

We’ve been around the server scene for 3+ years and you can rest assured that this server will continue well into the future, no worries about wipes and sudden shutdowns.

Pippi Mod

  • We run the Pippi server management mod which has allowed us to fix issues with NPC spawns (legendary repair kit Blacksmiths spawn now) and provide us with a currency system and kits!

Server Info

  • Name - Supreme Exiles
  • IP -
  • Max Players - 70
  • Community - Purist

Additional Settings

  • Full Nudity (it’s Conan, of course)
  • Clan Size Max = 10
  • PvP = Enabled
  • PvP Structure Damage = Disabled
  • Harvesting = 1.5x

This is the vanilla PvE-Conflict setting (other than the 1.5x gather). If you’re unfamiliar, PvE Conflict simply means that you may engage in open world PvP with other players but cannot damage their structures (no raiding).

We look forward to seeing you online!

We’ve already grown to 15+ primetime players. There’s still time to come in and grab all of the really good spots!

There are still some slots open for more clans. We are a new-player-friendly community and ready to help.

We recently ranked in the top 500 Conan servers, but we still have more room! Dedicated hardware means we can designate our own capacity, unlike hosted servers who pay by the slot. More than 20 online during prime time now.

Was there a server wipe? Cause I’ve been going hardcore for 5 days, up to nearly lvl 30, and now, after the patch, I can’t login and the directconnect won’t authenticate.

Ahh… nevermind, I found the problem. Hadn’t installed Pippi. My mistake. This is a great server, always active. Never been a time when there aren’t at least 5-6 people playing, and all very helpful. Lots of room for more!

Hey BeefSupreme,

Thanks for your patience! It was a bit difficult making sure everyone got the information on Pippi being installed since Conan doesn’t check that “show modded servers” box be default.

Don’t forget if you haven’t already joined, hit us up on Discord so you get the most current info. We now have a Discord bot that will be notifying players when things like restarts will happen so there’s none of that “I’m out in the world and suddenly the host closes connection” stuff haha.

Several kits have been added and are available for purchase using the in-game currency. We also have our own sub-reddit at https://www.reddit.com/r/SupremeCoalition/

Made good progress on the Server Village today. There will be several villas in the area, each attuned to a different rank. Only that rank will be able to open the door. Inside will be a daily loot chest with some items that can range from base materials to improved gear.

We’ve consistently been ranking in the low 200s on topconanservers and are looking forward to pushing that even further. We’d like to get more clans on board before we begin our Team Deathmatch arenas and other server-wide events!

We rolled out our new Patreon service yesterday for those who would like to help keep the lights on (or just support us 'cause they’re nice). There are exclusive benefits both in game and in Discord, but these benefits do not create a pay-to-win scenario or break balance. Check us out at https://www.patreon.com/supremegamingcoalition


Besides Pippis mods can you consider installing Kerozard’s Paragon?