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Welcome Exiles! Now that your frail frame has been pulled from that cross, it is time we get down to business… put this loincloth on, your nether regions are bothering me! As you make your way to the desolate world before you, a choice will need to be made. While all the gods can be worshiped, and should, one above the rest will demand your worship and servitude. In this land the lines have been drawn, though the clans tolerate and trade with one another, their gods are the most powerful and divine. Choose wisely who you stake your mortal soul on, the land is plenty with danger and wealth.
As this world teters on the edge of war, your task will be to join your fellow worshippers in claiming more lands, thralls, and building monuments to their glory. Head high exile, you will get to feel the excruciating pain of death more than once! So get out there and etch your tale in stone…


Join the Discord!!!
Write short Character intro in the text Discord channel.

#The Beginning

Choose your “main god”
Let the Gate Keepers know so we can change your role in discord and add you to your clans and get you in contact with your lords aka clan leaders


#What’s to come-

We are running Pippi as our core mod, all mods in the future will be compatible with Pippi.
Pippi marketplace (/kit) is stocked with gear to help on your adventure, with more and more being added over time.
In the coming weeks after populating the server we will be holding events involving the clans in some exciting adventures.
There are weekly hunting events with rewards
Bi-weekly pvp arena with rewards
Monthly PVP event The Banner Wars Large reward for clansNote this will not begin until server pop hits 20


Feed-back is very welcome please contacts through discord we are Gatekeeper DemonxXxdreams and TopHatTony, So drop in and have fun see you soon EXILES!!!

News From the Admins:

To our player base we would like to extend our apologies to you about our absence in the server.We have now regrouped, and are back in action. We have added a new mod to the list and are eager to put them to the test!


Demon and TopHat

New Weekly Event 6/18/2018

A Dog’s Day In :Find the location of there pack and give them what for! Watch out though the Pack master is guarding his loot!

For the players yet come:

This Server is up and running look to add 30 new player to cap out our 40 slots. Soon after we max we will keep adding to the player count. As stated before we would like you to split in to clans based on god’s.
We are always look for leader to drive our stories further, or if you want to just join in the fun that’s fine also. After join the server don’t worry if it seem empty we will be on, our prime time seem to between 7pm est to 2am est.

Thank you everyone for your patience and SEE YOU OUT THERE EXILES!!!