[PC Server] Supreme Exiles | PvE-Conflict |3x all | Mods | Level to 300 | Quests

Supreme Exiles is brought to you by the same people who created SupremeArk! We are a community of relaxed players who really like to enjoy everything a game has to offer. We run on dedicated hardware and have been around for 3 years, so there’s no fear of sudden shut down.

We have automatic game and mods updates. No waiting for an admin to come manually reboot.


  • Max Nudity
  • 3x XP and Gather
  • 0.8x Water and Food consumption
  • 2x decay timer length

Mods (in load order):

  • 880454836 - Pippi - admin mod that allows us to build quest givers and donation ranks
  • 877108545 - Unlock Plus - allows you to unlock and pickup structures/crafters
  • 1369802940 - Emberlight - adds additional items and weapons
  • 1403991684 - Exile Architect - helps with building planning and setup
  • 1411872074 - Lemurian Architect - adds the Lemurian style building pieces
  • 925197087 - Dye More Betterer - better and more dyes
  • 1386650198 - Paragon - Level to 300 and gain additional perks
  • 1503527082 - All the Little Things - Adds unique items that can be used for quest requirements

Join information:

Supreme Exiles Server

Supreme Gaming Discord
Join up and chat

Additional Features:

  • Paragon Leveling - Reach level 300! It won’t be easy, requiring 1.1 billion experience to reach, but each tier comes with a few benefits.
  • Quests - There will be various NPCs throughout the map who have quests for you to complete. These quests will give you experience, materials, armour or weapons.
  • Factions - Join one of three available factions on the server. Each Faction comes with its own rewards, quests and interactions, but be careful, not all of them like each other and you may be greeted with some hostilities if your responses are wrong.

We’ve already run the new dungeon and had an awesome time!

Restructured the Pippi system costs for commands. They are now unlocked for everyone and will simply use currency.

New quests have been added
New Quartermasters have been added