[PC NA PVP] The Exiles:: harvest/xp/crafting 3x **Modded**

[PC NA PVP] The Exiles! Dungeons/Events/Hidden Treasures! [Modded]

[[The Exiles]] Come on out and join the party!

  • NA [region locked to NA]/PC/ CST server
  • 60 slots
  • Active admins
  • 3x XP/Harvest/Crafting
  • Clan size set to 8
  • Open world PvP 24/7 with building damage locked to Saturday/Sunday -midnight to midnight!
  • Purge level 6
  • Level to 120!
  • Dungeons, hidden treasures, and events
  • Kits are available using the economy system provided by Pippi.

[Server Mods]

  • Age of Calamitous
  • Pippi

[Server Links]

  • Discord- discord.gg/rvhfAHZ
  • Direct Connect-