[PC] Vanilla Exiles - 18+ PvE - No wipe [Pippi mod]

Hey everyone.

I’d like to invite you to the vanilla exiles server.



  • EU server hosted with G-Portal.
  • We don’t wipe the server
  • Decay timer is 2 weeks instead of 1 on official servers
  • We have an economy system with traders, bankers and merchant thralls (using Pippi mod, our only one)
  • Centralized location for trading, with a public marketplace so all clans can post their merchants for trade
  • Public transport system - we have 16 public maprooms all over the map, in high traffic/key areas, that have dancers and water in hot areas/fireplaces in cold areas
  • Bridges and passages for QOL. (Still expanding)
  • Updated map on discord with all bridges/maprooms
  • Vanilla settings, 1:1 from official servers (except decay timers)
  • As to the admin team. We play as any other player does. We are 30 year olds that enjoy the game.
  • We are very hands off, we understand that people like to play the game at their own pace
  • The server is live since December 2019

We have a relaxed place with an active and friendly community for everyone to enjoy the PvE side of the game. Interaction is not mandatory however. We are here to support you and are always available on discord.

Rules are simple:

  • Don’t flame and/or be toxic
  • Be respectful of your neighbors
  • Let the admins know if there is anything wrong, don’t go making justice for yourself.
  • Build to your hearts content as long as you don’t block off key areas or fence up huge spaces that you don’t need

Harvest: 1x
EXP: 1x
Item Durability Damage: 1x
Crafting Speed: 1x
Thrall Crafting Speed: 1x
Idle Hunger/Thirst Modifier: 1x