[EU] Sausage Exiles [PvE - PvPArena]

Hey boyz & girlz, a few buddies and I opened our own server. If you’re looking for a server to discover the game PvE content at your own rythm and meet other like minded players, maybe Sausage Exiles is the place for you! Or maybe you just like sausage parties…

Sausage Exiles

PvE server, play coop with your buds and others, share and trade. Play at your own rythm!
PvP Arena you can teleport to at anytime with an automatic message letting everyone know that you’re down to show your skillz…
NPCs town with a banker to exchange gold, an Inn, traders and to gather with others.
Lite economy system.
Show your cool stuff, apply skins to your character and show dat sweet sweet loot… be all bling bling & stuff
You can find more infos on our discord (optional / Link available in-game)

Mods installed :

  • Pippi - User & Server Management - V3.0.5
  • Fashionist V3.2.0 (1.0 and DLC compatible)
  • Emberlight - Lament 2.1.4
  • STM Loot Legendary Chests
  • Horsav’s UI modification
  • IMMERSE RP : Buildings & Placeables decor
  • Savage Steel
  • Stygian Building Kit
  1. *Rule 1 : Have fun.
  2. **Rule 2 : One base per player/clan around 25x25 in size MAX (Screenshot examples are available on our discord, link available in-game) going over the limit for architectural reasons is allowed (example 35x24). Having small buildings around the base, for architectural/practical reasons is also allowed!
  • outposts are authorized (Outposts are bases that are 6x6 MAX or tents with necessary equipments) Player constructions cannot be destroyed by other players and containers cannot be opened by others.**
  1. Rule 3 : Don’t be a mean little duck.
    That’s it!

XP rate : 1.5
Harvest rate : 2
We will increase server slots if necessary.
Lose inventory on death but keep your gear / Gear suffers 25% durability damage / gain 15% corruption at each death to a maximum of 80%
Legendary Chest can be opened below lvl 60.
UI can be customize via a button in the left bottom corner of the inventory.

Have a good day and we hope to see you around!

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