[PC] Exiles UK/EU PvP & PvE Zone Server Working Adults Mainly

Discord: https://discord.gg/uubvTdbeHw

The server is mostly adults but anyone is welcome. Our server is more for the working person, users are mainly active in the evenings and our raiding times are set up for weekends.

the boring bit:
1.PVE Zone:
a.Everything in Zones 1-5 A-K are all PvE. (Check PvE Map)
b.Any p.v.p player caught raiding or killing in this area will be banned.
c.You can’t have a PvE Base ONLY and Attack PvP clans. You will need a base in PvP area as well. Your main active base must be in a PvP Zone
d. Add a Wall Sign to the front of your building saying " This is a PvE Zone Build"
e. No PvP Base in PvE Zone

2.No building or storing of explosives in the PvE Zone. (we will do spot checks, no warnings)

3.This is a P.V.P server so raiding is expected BUT don’t be a ■■■■■ and foundation wipe unless war has been declared.

4.No foundation spamming, I don’t like it and get really pissed when I have to clean them up so just DONT do it.

5.Max Clan Size: 5

6.Raid Times: Fri-Sun 8pm-11:30pm (UK Time)

7.Any cheater or members not playing by the rules will have instant ban

8.No excessive use of torches or palisades these cause a lot of lag.

9.Foundation Limits: 3 Wide x ∞ High or 3 High x ∞ Wide ( No leaving a gap and layering another 3 foundations thick base will be deleted)
a. Fence Limit: 3 Rows
b. No Door Stacking with fence foundations

10.If you see building damage is on outside of official raid times and you take advantage of it you will be banned.

11.Create a clan even if you’re solo player

12.No blocking spawn points.

13.Gods Off = God Bubble Off (enabled)

14.If you’re playing PvP all items/loot & thralls taken from another pvp base must be stored in your pvp base