The Exiles of Eden [US] (Modded/ 3x XP/ 3x Resources/ PvP/ Light RP)

Greetings Barbarians, Bandits, Raiders and most importantly Exiles, experienced and green alike. The Exiles of Eden is a new server Heavily focused on PvP and Light RP with some light lore friendly mods mixed in for the ultimate immersive experience and more may be added in the future!

Mod Listing:



Savage Steel

Compass Icon

Dye More Betterer

Glass Constructions

GCam Down to 60

Some Key Notes for all the Exiles out there:

Clan Size = 7

Offline Raids = Starting Feb 22 (Raid times will be applied)

Server Slots = 30 (Soon to be upgraded)

Basic + Supporter Kits (No OP Kits)

Discord Server showing Updates and Announcements as well as interaction between Exiles

Beginner Friendly

Server Based Events = Competitive and RP

Helpful Players

Server Info:



[PORT/PW] 27015 (Put this in the password slot only)

Discord link shown upon joining server I hope to see you there