Pippi's Screenshot Challenge

Now that we’ve all had a few days to play the officially released Conan Exiles, the Pippi team would like to extend an invitation for a friendly competition. With the help of TRUgaming, we will be awarding three creative players with the opportunity to run their own server. Message me, Fia, on Discord if there are any questions.

Please only post screenshots in the #screenshot_challenge channel. Submissions may be accompanied with a brief explanation or description. All other chatter will be removed so that the screenshots have the spotlight.

For those unfamiliar with Pippi or its Admin Tools you can access them once you have made yourself admin:
ESC > Admin Panel > Cheats(Self) tab > Spawn Item > Other > scroll down to the bottom of the list

Pippi’s Links:

If you’d like to learn more about TRUgaming.com, please visit their website to see what they have to offer.
TRUgaming’s April 2018 Interview with Nicole and AndyB:https://www.twitch.tv/videos/252157784

Special thank you to Ben at TRUgaming.com for the donation of the server rentals and to Freya for taking the time out of her day to design the amazing flyer

:pushpin: Completed May 25th :pushpin:


My best screenshot so far. :rofl:


But anyway thank you for contest and to others good luck and many wonderful screens. :metal:


lol An influx of players is a good thing. :wink: You can use Pippi in Single Player as well for this challenge.

There is still plenty of time to enter your art in Pippi’s Screenshot Challenge. We love to see player’s creativity.

This is an excellent opportunity for anyone new or returning to take a chance at running a server.

If you prefer to play co-op, the server with TRUgaming would be a perfect fit as well. The game would be available to your friends without needing access to the host computer nor would there be tethering as you explore the beautiful and expansive map.

For admins who already have a server, an additional server is a great way to test mods, settings, buildings, and attacks on those buildings. If you have an overflow of players on one server, you can also use a second one for your players to continue playing within your server settings and rules.

Let’s see where your imagination takes you!

This screenshot is merely for an example and not in the competion. Please submit all screenshots on Pippi’s Discord https://discord.gg/sWpQQSY in sub-channel #screenshot_challenge.


A side note off topic how do you get the Ghost admin command to always use the sitting position versus the stately standing position? Just wondering I prefer the sitting position but it seems random per new game? Some times it is sitting some times standing.

I have yet to figure out how to get one over the other.

So It is indeed random…hmmmmmmm DRAT!!

The Pippi Team would like to give a huge thank you to all who participated and to TRUgaming.com for donating $250 in server rentals. They made this challenge possible in the first place. There were some beautiful screenshots and choosing only three was difficult. We’re happy to present the winners.

1st Place Epiphany
This screenshot (screenshots :p) is of an artist painting people by the river using wallpapers, thespians, pippi notes, warpers

2nd Place {GGO} AtomikRonin
“The ultimate sacrifice” they titled it using glorbs, thespians and wallpapers

3rd Place Rousch IV
This screenshot was of a Tavern populated with thespians, wallpapers, glorbs and a PippiJack table


Thank you PIPPI and TRUGaming! we love you guys :wink: congrats Epiphany and {GGO} AtomikRonin !!!

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Thanks to both TRUGaming and Pippi !!! Congrats to Rousch and AtomikRonin


Big thank you to the team at Pippi for providing us with an amazing mod for CE. Another huge thank you to TruGaming.com for making this contest possible! Looking forward to hosting a PVP server!!!


when i stand stil and jump and move it seems to me that i usually get the sitting position, if injust walk then itsusually the flying jesus position

This mod broke the server I was playing on for over a week. Not exactly a ringing endorsement. And a prize of a server that at some point you would have to pay for isn’t really much of a prize, like someone winning a car lease. That’s no prize. You just win a chance to spend money. And you don’t get to choose where.

I can see what they are doing, and I get it. But don’t call it a prize. Call it a sales technique.

Pippi has been a mod for Conan Exiles for over a year now and has over 35,000 subscribers, a silent but resounding endorsement. If there are issues with Pippi, please post on the Workshop page or join us on Pippi’s Discord. Josh is very active with the community and works continuously to maintain and enhance what Pippi offers to admins and players.

As far as the contest, it was just for fun. The company did not have to offer anything but they did. No one was required to participate. Those that did and won are happy to have a server to play around with at no cost to them. It is their choice to pay for it in the future or discontinue using it. It was also a good way for those who have never had a server to have a chance at getting one for free.

Thank you for taking the time to voice your opinion.

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Pippi mod is something I will never play without, it adds so much to the game. The entire Pippi team is extremely helpful and bend over backwards to help people.

As one of the winners of this competition…Getting anything for free, for any length of time is both a great prize and a great way for someone to try out a new server host. I’ve been very happy with Trugaming and have received excellent and fast CS every time I’ve needed it.


First off, we Now have two servers running PIPPI beautifully, never having an issue with it breaking our servers nor have I ever heard of it breaking anyone elses server. Any minor bug that was reported to the PIPPI team was fixed at what should have been their own convenience but was fixed at one point within 5 minutes of having been reported, PIPPI is a gift as is any other mod of someone elses free time for your amusement. If PIPPI broke your server, it’s because you had no idea what you were doing. TRUGaming giving us a server for a year as a prize? Very kind of them, they make money off of their servers with or without us and the server is very smooth. If we CHOOSE to continue that server after a year then that’s what we CHOOSE to do as the guy who set it up for us even said. The whole thing whether we won or lost the contest was very kind of both crews to do. Anyone who would say otherwise is just an oxygen thief. Truth hurts, take it how ya want.


You must really be fun at parties :stuck_out_tongue: