My work on Conan Exiles

Hello here!
I wanted to share with you my capture file, some creations of construction and armor, some good moments of action.

A funny montage sent to the creators of Pippi.

Our first version of tortage (We were marked by Age of conan)

Tortage by night… the jungle biome was not yet present, thanks to the gardener mod

This mod brought us a lot of vegetation

a looooooooooot of vegetation

What would Tortage be without a boat?

Then I wanted to make my Babylon garden

*And Keshatta this is the region where I heard players die most often, I had to wink.
(By the way dear devellopper, I would have liked to see a big dome for constructions)

The Stygians did not like our tribute to Pippi …

So we have them create our vision of Khémi

But they are resentful, so we enlarged Khémi …

And the serpent head inn

Then god created the forest!
And we created the second version of Tortage


more messy…

exotic characters

where the rum flows freely…But … what is this boat doing here ?! cursed rum…

a tribute to Strom was necessary!

Ahhhh the jungle … and its entertainment!

lost temple…

tomb raider…sorry for that Lara it’s not time for…maybe another day? or not.

then the turanians landed!

and the pretty roofs

good boy…

more stories with the Stygians…

And more…

and again…

and aigain and again…

Derketo temple: no thrall suffered during construction…

it is said that the cult of Derketo knows the art of growing everything

North journey

and its friendly inhabitants!

It’s finished for now, I still have a few captures to take, I might come to complete the rest.
I apologize for having massacred shakespeare!

Thank you funcom staff for this game continue to be with us.

The thirsty dog inn!

The brothel

More possibilty with Asghaard mod

Ancient Civilization mod:


wow! this is really cool.

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Awesome work!

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Dude holy crap. I want to visit your Tortage near the Sentinels. How did you keep the trees and waterfalls intact?

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Thank you
With mods for the végétation (gardener) and a little claim zone,
show you the modlist soon if you want?

(Sry for my langage)


Great shots Azteka

Are you using the Less Building Placement Restrictions mod? If so and with your permission, I would love to include some of your images in the next update for the LBPR - Additional Improvements Add-On. Players whose images we like are turned into a placeable painting for all to enjoy. The next update will have 3 sizes to choose from for the paintings (small, medium, and large).

Here are some examples of what I mean.

Other than that, love the shots, well done!


yes i am using your mod
you can use my picture with pleasure.


Nice :ok_hand:

I keep reading about mods on here, but I guess that is only on PC?

Anyway if we get a painting of Tortuga, that is so going up on my wall.

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Yes mods are only pc

Well well yes of course… How come I don´t believe you? :wink:

Amazing builds and increadibly beautiful screenshots! One of your shots has been posted on reddit 6 months before (already loved it then):

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that boat is sexy

All looks awesome! But I need to ask, as I am relatively new to Conan. How was the first screenshot made? Can you “construct” a scene with some specific mod? Would be nice to know :slight_smile:

Hi, i used pippi pc mod with this mod there are “thespian”
You can give any posture and freeze it.

This is extremely beautiful :heart::heart:

Thanks a lot! I will definitely look more into it :smiley:

New picture!

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Why is in Conan Exiles Ark’s vegetation? xD Even the little palms and bushes xD

Very nice - what mod gave you the building mats for the Thirsty Dog Inn? I like the bridge with the rails and the mossy roof.

This had to be fun to build and play in!