Post your oldest conan screenshot

water proof t1 torch


August 27th, 2017, my second day of playing.

I didn’t really know what I was doing yet.


Digging a clan from a country I wont mention out of the mesh:


The inside of my base during the 2018 Halloween event (hence the purple torches and weird lighting).

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wensday July 4th 2018 still remains one of my fav screenshots I think I bought the game about 8 days prior.

still have this character and a base on this server

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I loved the bugs back then.


I no longer have the screenshot but I remember exactly what it was:

EDIT: NVM I found it!

A picture of me, just SW of the Hand of the Maker dragging a Thrall who had fallen through the mesh. It was for a bug report in EA.


When starfing…the boobs use to sink in all weird. >_>

One of my 1st homes, Had 3 houses, with everything kinda spilt up.

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Two days before Conan exiles went live. The readying for the last purge in early access.

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Early access, my first base
AI=0, 90% bugs, 9/10 exploiters - well, now its still the same

Man, now I want a weapon that does that… screw realism, balance or viability!

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takes archery to a whole new level

When CE came out, I implored my old clan to wait a couple months thinking that would give time for bugs to get sorted. Buuut they sort of started without me instead. Took this shot of the little bedroom I tacked onto the place they’d already started on.


These are the oldest ones I have at Steam, posted June 17-18, 2017. I have earlier ones in archive. :slight_smile:

These two are from PVP Server 289, taken on May 22, 2017, just prior to the Official Server Wipe in mid-June.

ETA: after much closer inspection, @Larathiel, that big tree is still a favorite spot. :sunglasses: :+1:


My oldest… ehhh

My first screenshot was the first day of early access. Was level 7 and hiding under the stairs while two naked guys with hammers were terrorizing me. Will look for it when I get home.

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