Important Links and Community Websites:

Important Links and Community Websites:

  • AO Universe Contains guides for almost every encounter, playfield, and tradeskill you’ll ever need
  • AO Items An up-to-date reference for items, perks, and nano programs
  • Auno The pre-18.7 database. Contains pages for equipment configuration, perk setups, and implant designing. Database entries for some items may not reflect the latest patch, but often have good community comments
  • Demoder’s tower wars tracker Check the latest Notum War fights and winners
  • AO Wiki Lots of useful information for starting out.
  • AOPocket Where to find symbiants and boss loot.
  • Arpa3 Info on current market WTS/WTB calls, rollability facts for clicksaver, and link to clicksaver itself
  • AO Froobs Forum catered toward the free-to-play population.
  • Gridstream Productions Music for all your AO needs!

Anyone else having issues with AO Items? It seem to be partly down the last few weeks.

AOfroobs website’s owner is missing in action. The server is up, but the backend code seems to be broken.

Try using*/

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AOItems is down, AO Froobs is long time gone :frowning:

AOItems is up and running again!

@Anarrina thanks for making this list :blush:

As seen in the game launcher, we now have a discord as well which could be included:

Another good site to mention is AOCrafter. It has details on many tradeskills.

AO Froobs is back up again now too :hearts:

New equipment configuration website.


AOFroobs is no longer

It seems that ‘Demoder’s tower wars tracker’ is no longer up as well.

I’m honestly shocked that Arpa3 and AO Pocket are still around thou.

AO Wiki is not working for me the last few days(weeks?) is it just me? And if not, does anyone know anything about that issue?