New Player - Best Resources?

Hello all,

Just started playing Anarchy for the first time after hearing about the game from the RK19 buzz.

I decided to make a character on the old server for long term play and was wanting to know if anyone could recommend some helpful sites and resources. I’ve seen a lot of talk about different UI and mission clickers but not sure where to begin with them.

You can also go to the root of that forum and find profession academies and other things.

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Welcome to AO :blush:

If you’re a new player, I think I would recommend the new RK 2019 server for now, since that’s where most of the players are. We’re all still low level there too, which should make finding teams easier. The original server is a fine choice too for long term, so up to you.

Some links to that come to mind:

  • AO-Universe The very best website for guides and background info on quests, mission, general gameplay etc.
  • AOItems A great database site where you can look up all the items in AO, and filter on various criteria you choose.
  • Auno A similar database site as AOItems. Auno is not uptodate on the latest items and may show incorrect item info, so for general use, AOItems is best. However Auno has 18 years of comments on items, which makes this a very useful resource even now.
  • AOFroobs Forums and guides specifically for froob players. Lots of it is also interesting for non-froobs.
  • Discord The official AO discord. A place to chat with veterans and new players alike. Can be a great source of information as well, as well as a fun place to just hang out and talk about AO.
  • Clicksaver Tool to automatically roll missions for you until certain criteria are met (e.g. specific reward or location). Check out the guide on AO-Universe to learn how to use it.
  • Saavick’s Map of Rubi-Ka My planet map of Rubi-Ka :blush: Detailed map with info on dungeons, NPC’s, grid exits etc.
  • Bitnykk’s Shadowlands map Bitnykk’s map of Shadowlands.
  • Notum|dovvetech GUI A popular GUI to use. Appearance can be configured in various ways.

Thanks for the helpful links, they’re exactly what I was looking for. Will give them a look over.