Newcomer ... IS THIS ALL GOT

Being a new player of this game, I have to face a lot of difficulties. In the beginning, freshly landed on rubi-ka all I find there is a series of broken quests (1 leet, 3 leet, go see a person). when I looked at the forums the databases I was supposed to start in a place call arete but in fact it was rather a kind of dump. I do not want to complain I love this game and it captivates me a lot but …
We are totally left to ourselves …(kicked from team because we do not know where, who, what, when, which … .se i didnt know what is Biomare , where is foreman , who is director, t.i.m and how to go there ) NOW I KNOW.
Will I extend my subscription … hummm ???
I also meet several other difficulties … I need an abbreviations dictionnary beside me to understand chat during the game (rs / fg or hot and so on …)
the MB not the MP are also a part of the problems (but are often the same) if I can do my thing it does not bother me really … in reality there is only one player for 2 or 3 characters (I saw someone who was six) … a planet full of empty shells … that’s not my style of play and that’s it
Everyone seems to be former players who seems to know everything (this is not my case) … I do not want to upset anyone you do not seem to care about us …

and NOW …

Captivated by this game, I need more, I want more.
Be kind to us … take the time to help us … Often we will not question you about this or that.

Otherwise, like me you will ask several questions … without answers … have gone away and have not returned either

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Welcome to Anarchy Online! :slight_smile:

Arete is indeed disabled for this server, what we have now is the same place we got thrown into back in 2001. Without any help and as noticed, left to fend for yourself and learn it all the rough way.

Most of us are rather helpful and I feel sorry that you ran into people who couldn’t be bothered in explaining the route to foremans. I would love to help you out with any questions you might have about the game, do add me ingame and I’d love to answer any and all questions you have about the game :slight_smile:

Ingame you can find me mostly on: Nave or Navezeon, when I’m online one of those characters will be ingame. You can add me ingame by writing /cc addbuddy Navezeon

And I do agree that MB is a big problem and I would think that most new players will find it frustrating.

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Welcome to AO. You’ve been infected! Prepare to be Exasperated! :laughing:

I play & played many MMO’s and AO’s community is the most mature & helpful I’ve experienced. Of course there are a$$hats but they are the exception.

I do recommend making a Froob toon on the regular server & doing the Arete content. You’ll get a taste of what’s coming with the “Alien Invasion” expansion coming soon to 2019.

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I know this is something no one wants to do when they start playing a new game. You need to spend time studying and reading about the game. Why? Because there’s no easy way to describe all the things you need to know to get started even as a newbie in one or two paragraphs here on this comment thread.

You might start by making a new character on the other server and do all of the ARETE missions since arete is designed to help new people play this really confusing game. The only problem with this way of doing things is that no one will be there to help you since everyone is playing on the 2019 server. But. Once you complete arete you may at least have a slight understanding of how things work in the game - which is much more than what happens to you when you get dumped all by yourself in a backyard/entertainment newbie yard on the new server.

Being a newbie in this game has always been hard. There is a lot to know about this game. That’s why Anarchy Online has always been a niche game. It’s just so hard to get started. Just make new threads and ask for help here or at AO Froobs or AO Reddit. People will help you out.

The other thing to do is read about 6-10 pages of newbie threads over at ao reddit. You’ll learn a lot just by doing that, too.

not having a proper newb experience on rk2019 is just bad decision making on FCs side… very bad.

I have been playing since 2002 and still feel like a noob. That is part of what makes AO fun, you have to figure a lot of it out yourself and/or track down esoteric fan sites/old forum posts for tips and/or find really helpful long term players who like to answer questions(and there are many) :slight_smile:

@OP: reading your post was frustrating. Not only because your English and formatting is terrible, but it just sounded whiney.

You’re complaining because the game is too hard. That’s the point of AO - it’s not some dumbass theme-park MMO like all the others.

Use resources like ao-universe (they have every single guide / dungeon on there), and google stuff. If you don’t understand an acronym, simply politely say you’re new to the game and don’t know what the acronym stands for.

Join an org that is willing to help newbies and ask them for help. It’s really not that hard.

The old backyards (where you start on RK2019) are objectively rubbish starting areas. Sure, there is some subjective charm, mostly nostalgic, but there is a reason each successive change to the starting experience moved further and further away from them.

Yes AO is comparatively complex, but that doesn’t mean it should be hard for the sake of being hard. Twinking on the best items should be hard, beating the top boss should be hard, understanding the basics of the game shouldn’t be.

That said, don’t be ashamed to rely on guides ( and item database (, which are pretty much a part of the game by this point. I’ve been playing since 2004 and I still need them all the time, and actually enjoy digging through them.

If you’re ever really stuck, ask for help in the discord channel (link on launcher) and there will be someone willing to help you out. In fact, join anyway just to say hi. Hope you do keep playing and look forward to teaming with you at some point.

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First, thank you for these wise tips. I took my little bag and I went to the conquest ARETE … I chose a completely different profession (why? I chose too fast the first time and I never saw the index of playability, easy, medium hard .

in this zone I leveled until the 16th, have everything, kill to all npc, kill all that crossed my path … and TRADESKILLED my very first weapon … yes I took my time

secondly, database, reddit, aofroob and all the others … I found some useful information

I have made so much progress in such a short time that I could not go to sleep. to spend so much money too but today before logging on. here are some examples: Laddering deprive / ransack to throw better nanos and how to put everything up to cast a better wrangle (from +37 to +65) in 5 minute …
BLItzing mission (it’s understood but not very clear) but that’s not what bothers me the most
Made the quest for the shoulderpads at the second stage (oh no it’s not a pair) I’ll do it another time then (was so long … so boring, but one omni and the other clan it would be cool and it possble to wear both if your neutral)

good, i can not wait, i must … log in … BBL with some good news …
Next stop, hunting bloaters to get the physisian cap
It’s not a very big goal, but one at a time. step by step

many thanks for those good advice


Go to Subway, in ICC. Get the Ofab weapon for your class.

Invite anyone you see that is neither gray or red to you.

Follow them around and don’t worry about picking up gear, unless you have the time. Just learn from them, and support them if you can.

Once you get it, go back latter if it’s something you need