A Small Guide for New/Returning Players


If you’re like me and are either new or returning to Anarchy Online (AO), you probably have a lot of questions on how to play and what to do. And I feel ya. I’ve been there!

I wanted to make a quick topic here on some links with helpful information to at least get you started on your adventures on Rubi-Ka. This game is large so I can’t possibly find all the info you need. But I hope this still helps!

  1. First off is character creation. Here’s a post on ao-universe that gives a quick breakdown of the breeds (aka races) and professions (aka classes) in AO. Character Creation • AO-Universe

  2. Once done, you’ll find yourself in the tutorial area known as Arete Landing. Shameless plug here, but that’s the guide I wrote XD. Arete Landing • AO-Universe Still updating it as I came back after a few years. But still helpful!

  3. While on Arete Landing, you can contact a help bot named AQuest. What you do is type “/tell Aquest !help” (without quotation marks). You’ll receive a tell back in blue coloring that is underlined called Main Menu. Clicking on that will open up a new window with information you can click through to help you while in Arete.

  4. If you are new or just lost in game, type “/tell froob200 !join” (without quotation marks) and you’ll join a group that is made specifically for new players/lost players/froobs/etc.

  5. Now, once you leave Arete you’ll be in Andromeda aka ICC HQ. Talk to every NPC that has a blue name (they usually have info or even missions (aka quests) for you.

  6. Looking for more help on perhaps finding a Nano or finding out some timers?? Type, “/tell zetabyte !join” (without quotation marks) and get some help with another helpbot!

  7. If you’re new and still confused about things, you can check out what are known as Backyards. Each faction has once (Clan, Omni, or Neutral). There you can find a Guide, some help squares, and you can practice fighting more.

  1. You can also find some start-up quests for your faction as well. They can get you some maps as well as let you see some of the cities around. You’ll even learn about the Whompah!
  1. Hm, what else. Here are some helpful websites for you to use!


If anyone can think of anything else to add, do post it here! Maybe this can get stickied!


Added the froob200 channel info
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