Faffy’s anarchy online froob guide

(froobs cant post on forums, but he wrote a good guide, so I post on his behalf)

Hey all, Faffy/Brian here. I’ve just completed my newcomer Froob guide, replete with links, pictures, and resources. It covers everything from what to do after leaving Arete, how to make money, the new bots, a levelling guide, how to gear up, and a profession-specific section. There are also resources for a weapon guide, and an IP distribution guide. At the moment, I have no plans to make a paid version of this as my SL knowledge is severely lacking.

As anniversary looms round the corner, I’m expecting an influx of new/returning players. Hopefully this will be helpful for them. Let me know your thoughts for suggestions/edits/corrections down below!


Wonderful guide! Thank you for sharing!