(Guide) Old Shadowlands' guide now on slaquarius

After ten years of absence, i have decided to play Anarchy Online and to work on my SL guide again. I started with Nascence v. 3.0 and Elysium v.4.0 and will continue little by little with all the other areas. Next will be Scheol and Adonis. The links in Adonis and Penumbra don’t work anymore (aomainframe is not longer avaiable). Inferno is ok but i missed the omni datas (all my high level characters are clan)

I changed the adress name of the old site: aoaquarius is taken by an asian firm so I don’t want to have any trouble. I took slaquarius (german)
I ll be glad to get any advice upon my work to go further and to modify if necessary.

Thanks in advance, Boogaloo


SL is pretty much completely covered on AOU.

Also covers the Xan quest lines in SL etc.

if you have a desire for making guides i would highly suggest teaming up with AO universe.
this game has a wonderful community that needs players like you to help out!

Hey Boogaloo, welcome back to AO :blush:

Thanks for bringing back AOAquarius! I’ve used it a lot for the maps of static dungeons, and Shaogens’ mirror didn’t have inferno yet.

I have added a link to slaquarius.de in the links section on ao-universe.

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I know that AO Universe is great, but miss all the maps of static dungeons. I know that some people like to have those maps. Anyway i started my guide long time ago. It s just that some guys liked it and asked me to put it online again.


Thank you Saavick :slight_smile:

I was about to reply you could contact Saavick over on AOU/or here; but as per usual she beat me to it :wink:

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Well I appreciate the work you are doing!

Its amazing players like you and those who make other guides that make AO so amazing.

please keep up the work! I have book marked your site and plan on a deep dive to see what is there!

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Thank you Noorb, i m working now on Adonis and will put the map of all static dungeons as soon as possible

I made a new version of Adonis. Links work now, new maps, more informations, all dungeon are mapped. Starting now with Penumbra


If I want to farm arul gems from the end bosses like Scorcher in Schoel, how long should I logout for to reset the dungeon/boss? 10 minutes? 20? 30?

I dont remember exactly the time, cause i farmed arul gems long time ago. I think it was 20 minutes when nobody is inside