Www.ao-universe.com, what's up with updates?

I’ll try to bump this thread at every new guide posted (or updated) on AO-U.

Pyramid Of Home (new) www.ao-universe.com/index.php?id=14&mid=59&pid=632
LoX (updates) https://www.ao-universe.com/index.php?id=14&mid=68&site=AO-Universe%2FKnowledge%2FLegacy+of+the+Xan%2FLocation+Guides%2F
Albtraum (update) https://www.ao-universe.com/index.php?id=14&mid=37&pid=296
Inferno Clan Sanctuary (new) https://www.ao-universe.com/index.php?id=14&mid=37&pid=630
Collector (new) https://www.ao-universe.com/index.php?id=14&pid=548
Greedy Shade (new) https://www.ao-universe.com/index.php?id=14&mid=38&pid=633


Very nice, thanks bitnykk and AOU!

i add the link in your post :wink:

Thanx ! Andy explained me it was spam prevention, hope it’ll be gone soon so i can post normally :slight_smile:

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new AOU guide on Greedy Shade => https://www.ao-universe.com/index.php?id=14&mid=38&pid=633

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Prepared & deployed by our fellow coder Khuri, AO-U has been totally revamped - with as many graphical than functionnal improvements inside !

Go check this out at our usual place : https://www.ao-universe.com


Looks great, nice and clean. :heart:

I love it! Thanks bitnykk. And hurrah to Khuri!


Looks great. Thanks AOU team for the amazing work you’ve done for the community over the years. :slight_smile:

BTW I’ve come across some articles in the Guides section that have this red cross in front of the article name, like this:

It seems to be intended for testing purposes only, isn’t it? It’s kinda confusing to see it there especially as a non-registered visitor.

Looks good! I have been a fan of the site since forever - it’s always been a great source of game info.

Thanks everyone, nice to hear you like it.

Horm: Thanks for the info, it’s fixed now :slight_smile:

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I can’t find the AO Scripteditor anymore.
Maybe lost Link ?

Are you referring to the online editor we had on the site?

Didn’t expect this to be used anymore, much like the Chatconverter, as the statistics didn’t really show any access to those.
So I actually skipped to convert it to the new site.

If you do need it and it’s still being used then I’ll go and see that I get it converted for the new site.
Give me a few days :wink:

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The editor is back already and should be working as before. Have fun with it! :slight_smile:

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Ah cool thank you. I found that tools just some days ago, so maybe i really was the only one missing it :sunglasses:

Last time i found it by the link on the bottom of https://www.ao-universe.com/guides/classic-ao/gameplay-guides-6/introduction-to-scripting, the Link in there is still not working but i found it from the Main menu.

It seems some older links don’t work anymore. Many others still do, and I don’t know the criterium, so I can only give a few examples :blush:

These are the ones I found:

Would it maybe possible to redirect these? :heart:

relo: Fixed the link in the article, thanks!

Saavick: The criterium being the old site using a system of ID’s that don’t happen to match anymore. I’ve added some manual redirects to point the old ones to the new ones, mostly for the guides.

The article on the news is adjusted, the downloads page works under that link too now, however the Clicksaver link on this forum I can’t change. If you use it now however, you will at least get you to the Downloads-page on AOU.

Thanks Khuri, you’re the best :blush:

change this one