AOU Mod 1.2.5 fixes

I installed AOU Mod 1.2.5 today and found that it wasn’t really working… broken skill window, scripts such as AriensGUI and RecipeNet weren’t working, there were no text on tooltip just black.

I modified the Recipenet to use Zetabyte.

There might be more bugs that I haven’t ran into yet but if anyone is interested in testing it out i put it on my pet color naming website.

The links are at the bottom of the page,one has files for the voices and the other doesn’t.

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I always liked AOU better then Dovetech-- it offered more then Dovetech’s but it finally stopped working years ago for me. Dovetech kept being developed and by the time AOU stopped there wasn’t much difference 'tween the two.

I’ll stick it on my testlive acct for a look.

I like dovvetech too but the skin I like in dovvetech has a crap compass that annoys me and AOU Mod has nicer health/Nano/Xp bars.

This is how my have mu UI setup with AOU_MOD

Geeze, don’t know where the time goes-- would’ve sworn under oath even that my earlier reply was a week ago at the most not 16 days!

I did put it on my TestLive acct-- no voice one-- and it works fine. I won’t be using it on RK5 though-- too much muscle memory invested in Dovvetech but it is a GOOD GUI replacement for the default one.

I recently made a new character and AOU_Mod didn’t have the Pending and Daily Rewards menu buttons so I had to switch to default gui to get my Zenith armor reward.

So I added those buttons to AOU_Mod and Uploaded it to my website.

The file is now named

And I am not going to include voices anymore, so I removed the Voice’s menu.