I appreciate the patches

I have been playing anarchy online for 15 years. I have never posted before but I came to post that I appreciate that you continue to patch this game. I understand that the game is not what it once was, but I love the game and you never know when it can become big. I feel like I am the watcher of AO, waiting in case people discover this amazing game again.


Returning player here :slight_smile: Loving it so far. I thought this game was on maintenance but if they still do some updates then that’s amazing.


Thank you so much for your kind words and support. It’s very much appreciated and we’re glad to have you here :slight_smile:


I also appreciate the ongoing support to this game.

So many people are giving you guys a hard time but they don’t actually realise how lucky they are.


I appreciate the very few short patches, too.

We all appreciate it a lot. Hope one day, they will reinvest in ao. Or at least a small balance so all prof have a chance in pvp. And no more exploits. One can dream. But still im super impressed with the amount of people playing and the servers running so well. :v:

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Just returned to do some sightseeing, and I’m impressed by the work that has been done.

I used to make a Map and UI for this game about 13 years ago. I was excited to see that the community carried my work on with updates too!

After returning, I can’t help but think all that is holding the game back from wider resurgence are the controls and interface. MMORPG controls have normalized around certain standards in the years since AO launched. It’s a learning curve to play AO. If the UI was altered to allow new players a more familiar UI platform, they may be quicker to adopt the game.

I’d be happy to consult for free if Funcom is interested. I’m a UX architect by trade.



omg the actual Dovve :blush: *fangirls*



You all are sweet. <3


Saw this in a mission yesterday :slight_smile:



The first time I saw one of those billboards I had a serious “omg” moment.

I wasn’t sure any were still around. That’s fun to see!

Dovve! So great to see you around. Former Bratpack test server org member here. Welcome home!

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