So, what's this forum for?

It’s bad enough AO players had to find out our game was in “maintenance mode” from your financial publishings while the “game director” Michizure did a silent cut and run without so much as a toss. How long you planning to milk the >50 people left playing? You think new forums ( filled with the same dozen or so users of the old forums ) are worthwhile, but not the game’s development? What exactly do we need this forum for? For expansion notices (ROFL!)? For patch notices (GUFFAW!)? For anything other than “We’re rebooting the server next week if we remember before leaving the office sometime.”?

wouldnt hurt to fix the well adressed issues in anarchy online, you known about the issues for 2-3 years now.
would it realy hurt to listen and do as the community ask for once insted of beeing so ignorant.
i think the community that has been so long with funcom as players from anarchy online has deserve some patches to try solve balance issues.


You guys are late! I was expecting griping about attention to AO and something new the day the forums popped into existence.

I was also wanting to borrow salt then.

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Games not as dead as people make out, there’s a definite drop in numbers but I haven’t struggled to find a team in months.

I do think more alliances or “super orgs” would be a way to revive some community spirit though and that building these chat relays into the client would be an easy step.


What happened too function, this looks horrid.

something new? clear me please