Attempts to engage with Funcom

You know what would be great… if we could get ANY kind of communication from Funcom regarding AO in literally any capacity.

The server is in dire need of a restart
The community would love to hear about the up coming Anniversary Event.
Anarchy Online is one of the longest running MMOs on the market and Funcom should be leveraging this instead of ignoring that it exists.

I have attempted to reach out to Funcom/AO on Twitter(x) and Facebook. At least on Twitter there is an official AO page -

the last post was 3 freaking years ago… for ironically the 20 year anniversary of AO.

I have no idea where else to post things so that there is any visibility by Funcom. Umborls has been our one and only real contact in Discord and we cannot expect him to respond to us all the time as he has an actual job to do.

It makes me so sad that Funcom/Tencent cannot manage to put together anything at all for the dedicated players of AO.
which you know… there would be more of if even a few dollars were spent on advertising… posting on twitter… how much is a sponsored post on Facebook?? like 3 bucks!? I Sold a car on Facebook and used $2 bucks to promote it and sold it within hours.

I am just rambling now…

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