Thinking of coming back

Hey all, I haven’t been on since about 2009. I just wanted to log in to see if my old org mates were around but when I do password recover Funcom sends an email that says " No plaintext available " and nothing else.

I sent a support but from what I’m reading I may never get it resolved. Anyone know what’s up with this?

The Official AO Discord is more useful then here:

Great thanks!

Actually got more help here. I dunno.

Customer service on FC forums and ticket system actually gets dumped into a dumby account where it gets ignored.

how does one retrieve their password? have they stopped doing that too? I guess I don’t really want to come back if this is how bad it is?

Only way to retrieve your password is to have access to the email account that your game account is linked to. If you want to play again, then you will need to start all over again.

I’ve done that and I have access to the email. What they kick back to me through the PW reset is a blank email with nothing on it.

I am confused as to what you mean so I am going to assume here. Your problem may be with using FCs new account page login, it is complete trash and is garbage and doesn’t work as it should. Use this link instead If this works and you choose to resub, then stand by with more problems with payment issues and no FC customer support, unless you are lucky and dont encounter those problems.

Most everyone with account problems runs over to their discord and asks for help. Which is sad and shows how bad their internal system is.

Terrible. Yeah, that’s what I used. I put my email in and it only send me a .txt file that says “no plaintext available”. Yeah, it looks like I probably won’t sub. I can’t even get a password re-send that’s a real red flag. I went to discord and nobody answered me there either. It’s worse than here.

Too bad, this is one of my favorite games ever. I’ve missed it.

Maybe try a different browser, hell even try microsoft edge.

My browoser isn’t having a problem with the form. It’s what Funcom is sending back to me that is the problem. It’s an email with a .txt file attached that says “No plaintext available”. Nothing else, just this.

Wow, weird. I dont know what else you can do.

Typically, in a rational situation, I would simply contact the developer and they would solve the issue. I haven’t heard from them and it sounds like I won’t. Apparently they want the game to just die, actively discouraging new subs like this.