Anarchy Online - 20 years anniversary in 2021!

Quite amazingly, Anarchy Online turns 20 years old on June 27th 2021, about two months from now. It’s very much a feat for a game of this genre and testament to a solid and loyal community, as well as the company who chooses to keep AO alive.

I hope Funcom intends to celebrate this and plan to do something grand! Anything you can share about this, @AndyB ?


I vote for 1-year free subscription for all accounts that are registered at the moment!


Great idea! Definitely hope there’s some type of account based reward and not some in-game event/boss

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I would love for them to bring the Dustbrigade Parasite Helmet back. +100 Tutoring is op and I only have it on one account!

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If it’s what you want I hope you get it but also hope that I do not.

Crazy idea, they let you pick your own reward, per account

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Geez, 20 years!?! I feel old.

FUNCOM PERSON! Hi. Make sure the higher-uppers are cognizant of this. Imagine the unlikely tragedy of something like this going under the radar. Take, like, 2 minutes of your time and write an email.

This could be huge for Anarchy Online’s future, it’s not too late to do something spectacular. We don’t need anything new ingame, make a one-pager website, tell this to the world, make the game free for a good while. Do. Something. Please.

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Arty u are rich ■■■■, dont need that! Just buy AO and make it great again ^^


for the 20th year anniversary y’all should do every holiday related event at once, bring by the 12 month pack with parasite mask and xp armor in it plus new items for sub time, and finally culminate the event with a marathon raid, making the mitaar, db 1,2, and 3, and all other repeatable dungeons/raids drop extra loot like collector’s boxes, nanos that no longer exist like the expertise nanos, tokens and freelancer’s tokens, anniversary boxes which work similar to the gear vouchers from the paid shop giving random holiday related phats. Additionally, I think it would be wonderful to hear from the old directors and devs about what AO has meant to them or means (pun intended) to them. I cannot stress this enough, this needs to be a big, massive win for players. We have kept this game alive, we want to something awesome and fun that embraces the game’s uniqueness and celebrates the grindy nature of the game.


Tried to do that bro, no response to pretty generous offer even :slight_smile:
And I’m rich not because I spend alot on every thing on earth, but because I can farm and save most :slight_smile:
Wtb multiboxing ability irl so I can farm even more hehehe


transplant leets into conan exiles so they live on even as the game dies

I honestly think if this thread wasn’t created FC would have completely forgot about the anniversary of this game.

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I don’t think they forgot it, but it would’ve been nice with some communication on the forums, if not for anything other than saying “Hey guys, we’re planning something, stay tuned”.

It is still early, considering this thread was started in April, so they have until June to announce something. But with such a pre-emptive post I am sure it got the ball rolling on doing “something”.

Yeah, can we get a roll back, there has not been one since 2009! plx



20 years…, geeez, I still remember crashes on BetaTests prior launch in Newland and patches every couple of hours. So many years online… holly ****!!!

I had hoped Funcom would give us something useful, like grant 1 month to all inactive accounts, in the hopes that at least a few people return to the game… but instead we get a reroll of the usual annual automated “event” spawns.


Make the game completely free to play and maybe it would get more people to think about coming back. Asking for a sub. for a 20-year-old game in maintenance mode is not going to bring people back.

oh WAIT… Is it not what have been done? I mean, even better … We pay for a month … just so we don’t miss the opportunity on the RARE ENDGAME WEAPONS and TWINKING ARMOR you can get ONLY once in an year! … Now, that we were unlucky obtaining it, we can leave for another year and save for another one month subscription in the upcoming AO anniversary in 2022. It is a good budget planning, is it NOT?

Anyway, thanks for the event Funcom, it was fun. Congrats to all the gamers out there who got their loot and can enjoy playing the game little further through the year.