17th Anniversary: June 26 - July 19


Anarchy Online turns 17 this year! Join us from June 26th through July 19th. Let’s party! :confetti_ball:


Today, Anarchy Online celebrates its 17th year of active service. Not a whole lot of games can boast this kind of accomplishment, and we sincerely thank you for your continued love and support of Anarchy Online. You are the very matter that makes up this universe, so thank you again.

To celebrate, beginning today (June 26th) and lasting until July 19th, Ganimedes Personal Jetpack & Nano Crystal (Balloons) are available in the shop, and an array of new membership offers and new armor that increase stats as you level up!

New offers and content await!

Read the full details here!

Starting today (June 26) until July 5, any account in good standing (i.e. not banned, deleted, etc.) can log in to play regardless of membership status. Happy anniversary!