18th Anniversary Celebration: June 18 - July 9

Hark! On this grand occasion, Anarchy Online celebrates 18 whole years of service! We still stand proudly as one of the few games able to proclaim such, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making this possible.

So hey, let’s party!

Quick Summary of events:

Event runs June 18 - July 9

  • Personal Jetpack for everyone on RK5, Balloons for subscribers, Jetpack available as 7-day event daily login reward on RK19
  • MKII Jetpack for subscribers
  • NEW : Loren Warr returns and is hungry for retribution, find her in Newland for unique lewt
  • Tinker & Desert Riders return
  • RK19 : Level 200 cap on the 26th
  • RK19 : Shadowlands on the 27th
  • RK19 : Special Daily Login Rewards available, including YAMAUCHI’S REGALIA

The current subscription offer from the beginning of RK2019 will remain online and available rather than cycling in yet another new subscription offer so soon

Additionally, and finally , People of Rubi-Ka should now track RK2019 (site will show it as RK6) starting tomorrow, unless something else blows up!