Anniversary Contest: Screenshot competition

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Anarchy Online!!!

20 years ago Anarchy Online welcomed it’s first settlers onto Rubi-ka, and the greatness of life on our little terraformed planet is still around!

To celebrate 20 years of Anarchy Online it seems only fitting that we start our month of celebration with a screenshot contest.

Whether you want to show off your photo prowess with a screenshot from Rubi-ka, or you want to expand to any of our more exotic locations I just want to see the best screenshots you have to offer.

Rules are
1 entry per person
Must include Anarchy Online 20th Anniversary somewhere on the photo
Absolutely no images that depict any sort of exploitation
No vulgar images

All submissions are due no later then June 8th midnight UTC

please send submissions to, please include your character name otherwise we can’t really give you credit.

So lets talk prizes: The winner of this competition will be announced at the Anarchy Online ARK 20th anniversary party and images updated onto this thread. This contests prize is a surprise shiny that i’m sure you’ll enjoy.

So that brings me to the next announcement

This years Anarchy Online Anniversary party is taking place soon, and we have a lot of fun prizes and we are also hosting a costume contest, so dress in your favorite social, and come prepared to be judged :slight_smile:

When: **Saturday June 19th at 2 pm - 6 pm est/7pm - 10pm gmt **
Where: Coast of Peace

Live music will be provided by our friends at Gridstream productions.

We hope to see you all there!


Am I reading this right? You can give out only 3 items, therefore making a contest? You cannot organize a birthday party therefore asking gsp to do it for you? And all of this for a shiny 20th anniversary? I will have to log in to see this.

Hello there. First off and foremost I would like to appreciate you for your sarcastic undertones without having a full understanding of what you are talking about. Second allow me to educate.

This contest is and the party is not being put on by Funcom, but the Advisors of Rubi-ka, a group of volunteers that are trying to contribute to the community. This contest, like all the others coming out this month are separate from anything else funcom has planned.

Next off. The party. Gridstream productions is providing us live audio entertainment for this party, as they have every other party ARK has put on from the metaphorical beginning of time. We are not having them plan this for us, although if we asked them to I bet they would do a steller job. We love our community partners and working together with them. While the party itself and all of the contests that ARK have planned for it are in fact ARK run, we find that working with our fellow community partners can make things even more entertaining.

So please feel free in the future to educate yourself our website for ARK is so that you understand the difference between ARK and Funcom. I absolutely do not need to spend my time planning these parties, i choose to do so, and nobody is entitled :slight_smile: Thank you.


Thank you for educating me, somehow I imagined that Funcom is doing something for the anniversary and spilled some salt. My bad. I appreciate you taking time to reply.


W00t awesome can’t wait :slight_smile:

Sounds awesome. I’m sure the party will be amazing. I’ve got some contests lined up as well as the ARK items :slight_smile:

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Times up! we will announce the winner to this competition at the Anniversary party. I will update this thread at that time as well.

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