AO Anniversary Celebration 2018

The Advisors of Rubi-Ka have decided to throw a party in honour of Anarchy Online’s 17th Birthday in the ICC Assembly Hall on the 30th of June from 19GMT.
Join us and Gridstream Productions as we party the night away, there will be Contests and prizes throughout the party so come on out and enjoy your night with us!


Why can’t I get my old forum login going again, lol

I had the coolest hat

I know where it the assembly hall used to be, but after the remake of Icc… where is it now?



Whomp or Grid to ICC and go through the door in the Northeast corner of the zone, labelled “ICC”.

It’s at waypoint 3334 952 655

Also don’t forget to tune in gridstream

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Request from all the partying players, they wanted everyone to see the AO Birthday Poem entries… so here they are!

  1. Anarchy Online; Seventeen and still much fun; Have a great birthday. ( Qora )
  2. What a day to be happy, and smile the whole way through, today is your big birthday, a special one just for you, Blow out all your candles, make your wishes come true. eat slice after slice of cake, nothing is too good for you ( Ntinoluc They won! )
  3. Urea Jacta Est! ( Slotier )
  4. To make the best of any mistake is the chance to learn one must not forsake ( Kossu )
  5. Roses are red and so are you, rores smells wonderful and so does you, Ao have a birthday and… mine is far away ( Gimpeline )
  6. I learned things don’t happen and then disappear. ( Faithnomore )

We also had a entry from ARKs own Advisor Cassiwary! Please enjoy

Rubi-Ka, of ancient ruins
a life to remember
Monuments built to reach the suns
make up the cities we made
from your stones

You’re growing old,
but you refuse to fade
from the hearts
of those you’ve touched

Not a ruin, forever a monument
for our longing for the suns


Lots of pictures from the Party, for those who wanted to see or missed it!

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