[Returning Player][Old Forum]

So, I just decided to return to the game, in froob mode and… the first think I noticed is this Forum.

Is old forum dead? What happened to what was posted before? I noticed there are no special area for each profession, which I think it is a loss as well.

Also. Any froob orgs recruiting? xD

And hello you all from old Lainbr, the gimpest MP :3

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old forum can be found here but only in read only mode


Thanks :slight_smile:

Yeah you wont find any of the useful information from the old forums over here. They hardly transferred any of the threads or links or even pinned them. These forums are garbage.

A big part of the old forums being better is just because there were way more people using them back in the day. But having individual profession forums was very important. Each profession forum had its own set of pinned threads, its own professional, its own set of regulars, and developed its own little culture. And it was easier to get to know/recognize people with forum signatures. Now we have to click on profile images but very few people fill out details in there and even fewer people actually click on them. A lot of people have letters as their profile pics, which aren’t memorable at all. Lots of people on the old forum had an in-game avatar (likely corresponding to their main character) as their profile pic. Plus a little title above their profile pic (like Leetas, Supa Leet, or some custom title). This made the forum feel like an AO forum. The new forum might be slicker looking with more modern features but it feels much more generic. It doesn’t feel like I’m on an AO forum, it feels like I’m on some random forum where people happen to be talking about AO. Plus there’s friggin Tir in the background like I wanna look at that all day.