Back after some time off

Hi ppl) I was off for almost a year. Glad to see some changes) new fancom logo, new forum. Hope this mean some “turn” for the game too.
Have a few questions
What with old forum? I mean there was a few very usefull topics like achievments&etc. how long the old forum archive will be up? Should I just post links to forum archive or some topics will be copied here?
Well I think it`s all for now) Happy that GAME is still running.
May Crom be with you 8)

Welcome back.
Apparently the old forums can exist forever in their current locked state. There has been some posting of links back to the old forums here already …a couple of threads compiling lists of them …one in English, another in German… so look for those threads under Community Corner and Class discussion to see if what you want to have easily accessible to the community are listed and if not you could add the direct links to those posts so they are all compiled together.
Funcom also said they could copy over threads for us if we asked …they did a couple but I think have gotten rather busy so not many were transferred.
Christa, a community manager has been endeavouring to create a set of support threads for common issues and questions…so perhaps some of those useful old forum posts have been covered by these new posts…look in this forums Supoort section.
They also invited us to transfer over threads if we wanted to …remembering to credit the thread author…(which for me also means respecting their wishes if they don’t want it copied over.)

The only old forum that we can no longer see is the test-live forum section …so if you know of a thread there you really want to see and share then you would need to contact one of the community managers or moderators so they could transfer it here.

PS: also the free-to-play section of the old forums can only be viewed if you log into the old forums …so only those of us who had forums accounts there would be able to see links…therefore copying the post would be more helpful than providing a link.