Funcom please wake up and smell the roses

Hello all

I have been playing since a few months after release. I have 35 plus lvl 80 alts with four full t6 and half full t4. My raiding guilds have been giving up lately as people got alts geared up and basically are losing interest. I have a character on wow now and do AOC usually in US am with WOW in pm (unless one of my new guilds needs help).
Wow might be a bit frustrating since I am starting out new in an older game but it does have better graphics than I thought it would have. Still confusing though.

Funcom please…make an announcement if and that you making new content. Label any dev tracker posts as AOC as I’ve given up checking through 90 plus percent nonAOC posts (or more).

I’ve done world boss up the gazoobas…I have four cloaks on most of mine now, so there is nothing else to get from it (one of my chars has all the wb social pets am not bothering with rest). I have done raid finder enough to gear up most of my alts except for my new saga set and frankly its not worth the effort unless I am extremely bored.

So please…throw AOC a bone. More of my friends are migrating to world of Warcraft. AOC was my first and only computer game up til the last few weeks. Sad to move over.

I’ll still try and do both but I really would like to see more things in game. RF…WB…same old stuff, no new things to get…I’ve even got all four rings all gemmed up on a few mains but really don’t care on most of my guys.

Just putting in my nickel.


I suggest starting with pvp, you then play for competition and fun and therefore can never realy be finished with it.

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I also noticed that polulation in AoC is smaller than ever before and its not caused by summer season. Most of my old friends do not play anymore because there’s nothing new, pvp is a piece of sh** nowadays, khitai is not worth farming since we can only focus on RF and get better gear.

Dunno what forces me to play this game.

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Even better then that learn to RP there is never an end to that saga and pvp had meaning!

Funcom isn’t perfect as we all know. I will resist listing some of my thoughts on that for now…

But back to the lecture at hand… People leave for many reasons, and in my opinion one of the top is the behavior of a few that think this game is their private sandbox and everyone that doesn’t share their view has less of a right to present their point.

Play the game or dont. Share your opinions, even criticism while knowing someone may differ.


I love you but open your eyes, funcom abandonned this game for conan exiles, it was all intended to be aoc addition at first and the suits followed the survival game trend at the time until now.

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You are absolutely correct, Funcom bears some, perhaps alot of the burden for the state of things- but I contend that we, the players also should shoulder some of that burden. Of course, not everyone- but some and I will leave it at that as not to risk being flamed lol. :beer:


Its pretty much all water under the bridge unless Funcom responds to the question…and I am not really into pvp whether minis, sieges, arenas, etc.

Still have most of a year left on my two remaining main accounts…so I’ll likely pop in and out to help with BLR and Anarchy raids, maybe some RFs and WBs for the cloak for a few new chars…but not spending the time I used to do online.

Rumor was that there was some new content otw but nothing has been announced so …

Even something as simple as labeling announcements for the different games with the initials being the first thing on the subject line so we can see pearls like this:

AndyBCommunity Manager


The servers will come down for a restart on July 30, at 14:00 GMT/ 10:00 AM EDT/ 7:00 AM PDT. (check this link to see when this is in your timezone ). The downtime is estimated to take 1 hour.

takes an extra five or six seconds to put in AOC or TSW or Exiles on the beginning of the subject line…but if I go looking and then scroll through literally pages of dev tracker and go out…it boots me back to the start and I have to scroll again. Not doing it anymore.

so there is the ‘official’ announcement for a restart. Enjoy an extra hour of sleep guys.

And it takes 5 seconds to say “The servers are back online!”. Last 2 downtimes, no such word. Maybe I missed it. I confess lately I have been playing less myself.

Actually I think I posted on general forums about servers being back online last couple of times.

That kind of reminds me of the old forums where the community managers accidentally posted “The TSW servers are back online!” at the downtime for AoC… yeah, that might have been an error (it happened like 2 or 3 times) but still, a simple message like that can already make the whole community feel even more abandoned.

I honestly can’t say if the CMs have lots of work, I have never been a CM nor have I ever had the chance to look into one of their workdays. But even if you have an incredible workload I think this one simple post a few times a month should still be possible to do.

Its more annoying to me that they don’t have some way of labeling their dev tracker messages OR that they don’t just post dev info on the regular forums…but that we have to dig through a ton of other games info and hope we find anything useful.

The one I posted about the downtime…no label on it to say its AOC unless you go in it. And there is one for another game in there too.

Common courtesy suggests that they would make it easier to find a needle in a haystack imo.

I’ve had posted a suggestion on old AOC forums, to make ALL the world boss cloaks available to ALL classes, so there is more to do getting that barb cloak on BS and magic dps one for dt. Even just getting all cloaks as a set may be a goal for some.

World Boss Legendary cloaks and Vanaheim rings - why keep class restrictions?

Would be an interesting thought to allow a few community run servers and see how populations do on those

I see nothing changed after 3 months of me being in WoW.
Let me be frank. This game would greatly benefit from a few reworks. From spending useless relics/tokens for faction gear (for vanity), to letting us exchange pve tokens for pvp ones (seeing as this game has severe problems with balanced queuing, this is now a must). The game is a total mess, and instead of improving their current games, they rushing to make new ones which aren’t as good. Uncoq is pretty meh type of game which not many people are interested in for example. Age of Conan? A unique MMORPG, the only one using combo system as well as being set in the amazing world of conan. In its early days, I was heavily not tolerating its sub type and how their store works, but now that it is f2p, its better (to an extent). I’m still pissed off about the chat restrictions, and that one restriction is what almost stopped me from playing, why? I thought the game was dead. Luckily when I got my first card I trusted my guts and bought the expa during that awesome sale. I have no regrets about that, but hell, Funcom you gotta change that next patch, not debatable.
The other thing is, you have all this manpower and funds, make AoC priority. Do small patches every week, adding something small but new. Fix the client download times etc.
Seriously, Funcom got saved by Conan Exiles, but if they let AoC die, they will only hurt themselves. A good one of a kind game (at least atm) is better than another copy of the same generic type of games.

Oof, went into a bit of a rant.

And yes, I’m back from WoW! Been gone since early May playing WoW, which I thoroughly enjoyed despite BfA stuff. This game not having changed is what disappoints me a lot

Probably way better than live servers (if you meant private in other words)

kinda odd i only met 1 or 2 players so far who say they even played WoW… And now i read people are moving to it.

I did play WoW and it feels a single player game. You sign up for dungeon seeker and it pops very quick. But always it are players you never see again… Like really never see again. Cos you are mixed with players from MANY different servers out of a pool of thousands. You cant build frienship (or hate) with other players like that.

at least here i start to recognize players

You need to go for mythic dungeons… Everything before that really feels like a single player

Makes me wish Aoc had a higher reward system for time trials.