Funcom please wake up and smell the roses

kinda odd i only met 1 or 2 players so far who say they even played WoW… And now i read people are moving to it.

I did play WoW and it feels a single player game. You sign up for dungeon seeker and it pops very quick. But always it are players you never see again… Like really never see again. Cos you are mixed with players from MANY different servers out of a pool of thousands. You cant build frienship (or hate) with other players like that.

at least here i start to recognize players

You need to go for mythic dungeons… Everything before that really feels like a single player

Makes me wish Aoc had a higher reward system for time trials.


Checking for some time now, is there any news/hopes for a time limited pve server ( like saga ) happening?
That was prety fun, if this time you get it right :

  • no pl in xibaluku
  • no aa exploit in dragon spine
  • and ofc no RF

Put some exp/aa boost in itemshop so you can get some cash, i would jump back in for sure.
Just talking about it gives me flashbacks of kk and mona runs :smile:

You can’t do KK/Mona on Crom? There are groups for it in global, if not I am sure there are people that are interested at least :smiley:

The idea is to get back the feeling of progress-achievement with a new toon on a server where you can’t “cheat” with rf and being caried by other geared/AA people, there is no point of doing it on crom :tired_face:

I do agree PvE saga was fun, but for me it was most likely just a one time thing. I don’t need it again personally. I get where you’re coming from, but the point is to do stuff because it’s fun, old dungeons are still fun to do even if it’s on OP toons. Go do more of Dragon’s Spine ones, or Paikang dungeons, Unchained etc.

Better idea to implement a weekly dungeon questline that gives shards just like RF. that would increase the reason to do em