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What percent % of the community (active player base) should complete existing content (T6, OS) before justifying the next Expansion?

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Sound good but how we do?

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OS is not “content”. It’s just random dung like RF. :face_vomiting:


It is content. Apparently content you dont enjoy, but it is content.

Personally I’m more interested in pvp, but I still like an occasional onslaught run.

Whether you like it or not, it is some of the most Conan content in the game. A few adventurers searching for treasure out in the middle of nowhere versus thousands of baddies. Limbs and heads flying, explosions, lightning and fire, meteors flying down from space controlled by an ancient evil magic. That’s very Conan brother.

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Only because something is “true to the lore” does not mean it’s good game content.
OS might be true to what some may call true to the Conan saga, but just as the last few things fc have “given” us it’s a pile of rubbish that is making the game worse from a game/mmo perspective. Just as wb/RF/pet arena.
As for os it was a really good thought out cash grab just as Tencent came in to power and fc needed to show the “cash flow”.


T6 to me is last real PVE content added to AoC. Considering it was released almost 5 years ago, if one hasn’t cleared T6 they are either (1) new (2) casual or (3) not very good at the game and guilded with other not so good players. After 5 years there’s no excuse to not have cleared T6 by now. Hell, on Saga, we cleared T6 in a matter of weeks with everyone wearing a mix of T1-T4 gear and crappy AA’s.


Crappy AA ? Not all. Many exploits but…silence.

They removed aa exploits during saga, many got caught doing it.

Lets not pretend that almost everyone that cleared t6 in 6 weeks had already not done it before it was removed :P.Because of this and RF Saga was a farce but who said those aren’t fun ^^

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There is no need for anyone to have completed T6 or OS before adding new content to the game.
This simply because new content does not have to mean even better gear or even harder challenges. New content could be a new low-level zone. Not saying it should be that, only that it could.

But either way it is not the right question to ask - not from the viewpoint of the developers anyway.
The right question is “How many players willing to pay for a new expansion are needed to justify its creation to the beancounters?”


it’s hard to define how much money an update would bring as player retention also provides income with the associated income from ingame shop and subscription.

Maybe this is naïve and optimistic, but I think a good portion of the loyal playerbase that has been keeping the game afloat would be more than willing to pay for new content, IF the content is original and actually expands upon the current world. What comes to mind is the Ardashir expansion, which is in my opinion a little masterpiece, and which I’ve never regretted purchasing. If they were to come with something of similar quality (does not have to be of the same scope) I’d personally be more than happy to support it by paying for it.

More than that, it would probably cause at least a temporary resurgence in population, which could kick the game somewhat back up in a positive spiral (instead of the negative one we’re stuck in right now). Unfortunately, I realise that the creation of such quality content is no longer possible as the creative developers that created such content in the past are long gone, and are not going to come back with Funcom’s current plans for AOC’s future.

That is a shame because in the current MMO scene there really is nothing comparable to this game, and there isn’t going to be. In that sense a little investment might pay off more than royally given the dire state of the genre, and many people returning to older games because generally new releases are complete garbage.

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Without GM support in game and without fast help system for new guys this game will not make any progress . I brought 2 of my friends to play game month ago , both left because of no support , and I am leaving too , Unconquered character killed by server switch no answer 10 days … this is nice game but without support any new content will not bring people back .


Isle of Siptah for Aoc with it’s vast playfield, dungeons and a raid? I’d pay for it and if the raid was a new tier, I believe people would return for the progression.

We can’t even get the last onslaught gem so an expansion has about a 1 in a million chance Lol


They probably do it like they did with the RF ring gems back then, release them one year later to drag the “content” out.
So… that gem will most likely become available next anniversary or something around that time :smile:

Which is a sad and completely uninspiring forecast… I get that they’re trying to milk it to the last drop but common… at least they could do it with some dignity…

It is my opinion Onslaught was originally planned to be released when Conan Unconquered launched. We were promised new content, that was then put on hold- finally we got it when the Tencent deal went through. It was recycled and dropped in game. It is content, it is not an expansion, however.

We have asked for content for a long time- I hope for a new, real expansion - something even as small as Turan- but after Onslaught, I am afraid it will be a long time for anything new at all.

I would pay, probably for such a playfield- not simply a dungeon, but a real, actually new playfield