Making the game active around the clock (shards in dungeons)

I wish they had done this from the start. That’s how raidfinders work in other mmo’s: new players can get a feel for the raid’s mechanics and layout, and maybe receive some entry level gear. To prepare them for the real deal.

Alas, in aoc raidfinder makes the real deal obsolete. Unfortunately the damage has by now been done, nerfing token drops now is pretty pointless (although I would still like it).


Nah, with “participation tokens” for which you can buy vanity gear and titles.

I think it’s time to include t5 and t6 in the rf rotation with the t5 and t6 tokens as reward

hopefully that’s not happening any time soon



Would be even greater of t5 and 6 tokens would drop in onslaught or even better, pvp events :partying_face:

only if i can get pvp T3 in bubshur house in about 5 runs


Pvp events as in, multibox and kill alts over and over again and log off when equal number of people show up

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I think there’s another thread where discussion of t5/t6 has occurred in much more depth. I would suggest keeping this thread clean of that garbage so that funcom can at least see the community has reached solidarity on the subject of shards in dungeons, instead of making passive aggressive comments at one another in hopes of stirring up another debate.


It says “This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.”. Seriously, this is one of the best videos in AoC history. :rofl:


Even the bump got flagged. And yeah I agree Yawgmoth, it ts awesome and has awoken people before so maybe it can do that again?. :slight_smile:


T7 Hype!!! :pray:t2: :prayer_beads: :pray:t2:


No hope left… :broken_heart:

It would ultimately help, if the developer tasked with doing content for AoC, actually played and understood the game and its shortfalls, and didn’t just ask the top 1% of the player base for their opinion, only to ignore it 90% of the time.

Its like taking on the guy who you cleans your windows, and asking him if he can build you a new house.

He probably wont finish it, its going to take 10x the time, 10x the cost, and its probably going to be missing half the features it actually needs.


so interpretation -> your idea of moldy cheese is meaningful content, and the beautiful house is raidfinder and kutchemes.

No I think what he was trying to say was age of Conan is the beautiful house and all we’ve been getting from the owner aka Funcom is moldy cheese. Moldy cheese being things like raid finder and kutch. and you guys just keep asking for more moldy cheese.

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happy birthday if you have correct date put in.

could you elaborate in what regard normal dungeons is comparable with the negative aspects of raidfinder and kutchemes?

Thank you ,

And I cannot elaborate on that question I was just attempting to translate what he was trying to say.

I’ve only done the onslaught run a couple of times and honestly I don’t find it very engaging. The same can be said for raid finder. Or world boss event. That’s just my personal opinion.

I’m sure you would agree that the game was in a better state for PVE before the days of RAID finder.

Moldy cheese

yeah removal of raidfinder is what i always advocated, it killed dungeon-activity and pug raids, did more harm than good for sure.

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One could advocate off topic opinions on another thread but is anyone convinced there’s a need for another “I’m too good for raidfinder” thread?

Seems like some raidfinders are easier than others, and the difficulty level depends less on game mechanics and more on the attending players’ experience; very inconsistent.

For example, this week’s raidfinder, T3 lower, appears one of the most difficult for the existing player base.

New Content

What percent % of the community (active player base) should complete existing content (T6, OS) before justifying the next Expansion?